'A Very Kitten Christmas' Gift Guide!


Hello Kittens!

It's that magical time of the year again! The air is buzzing with joy as we twirl headfirst into the holiday season, whether it's decking the halls or mapping out travel adventures. December is all about unleashing your inner Santa and showing your loved ones some magic. And while gifts aren't the only way to spread the cheer, they sure add a sprinkle of magic to the season of giving!

Not sure what to choose for your vintage-loving friend? Kitten D’Amour has you sorted with all the Christmas gift inspiration you'll ever need! Dive into our Christmas Gift Guide for a dose of gifting brilliance that's bound to have them twirling with delight!

You can never have too many dresses, especially when they're fabulous Kitten D’Amour designs! Whether it's the sassy ‘French Vacation’ Wiggle dress or a vintage-style full dress like the ‘Le Jardin’ Bustier Dress, we've got something for every style.  But the cherry on top? The Delphine’ Wiggle Dress– this is the absolute must-have for the season!

Now, an Aussie Christmas might not scream sweater weather, but who can resist the allure of a chic Kitten coat? Your loved one will be over the moon, not just for the coat but also for the potential to strut their stuff in style while jet-setting abroad. These coats aren't just outerwear; they're a vintage styling statement! Pair one with your Christmas finery and you've got an ensemble that's as chic as it gets. Feeling extra generous? A vintage dress and a classy coat – now, that's a match made in gifting heaven!

Oh, and let's not forget Kitten D’Amour’s Back Seam Pantyhose – the perfect stocking-stuffers! Available in a range of back seam colours, they're the fail-safe gifts that add a touch of glam to any ensemble. Plus, with their stretchy magic, you can be confident they'll fit like a glove. And trust us, they look divine with Kitten D’Amour heels!  Oh, and the bonus?  They will come free with the purchase of any pair of full price Kitten D'Amour shoes!  And what's a fantastic outfit without fabulous shoes? If your best friend is still on the quest for the perfect pair, surprise them with our stunning designs. From fresh arrivals to beloved classics, there's a pair for every taste. 

For your bag-obsessed friends, a Kitten D’Amour handbag is the epitome of style-meets-functionality. No more struggling to find the Goldilocks of handbags – our range comes in all shapes and sizes, including some with a quirky twist. Warning: resisting the urge to keep the bag for yourself might be a real struggle!

Now, let's talk accessories! Our jewellery is sure to turn heads, from timeless pearl necklaces to charming brooches.  Necklaces and brooches are just the beginning. Our hair accessories are the cherry on top for any outfit, whether it's a ‘Le Jardin’ Wiggle dress or a pair of ‘D’Amour’ Denim with a ‘French Vacation’ Classic Top! Fascinators, bedazzled headbands, and ‘Ma Belle Fleur’ hair flowers in every hue imaginable – they're all here to add a dash of flair. Feeling festive? Red and green hair flowers are your go-to Christmas spirit boosters!  


And finally, the smallest of wonders can bring the biggest of smiles. Enter the Kitten D’Amour scents – the unsung heroes of home decor. With three different options – a Room Spray (Parfume D’Interieur Paris’), a Reed Diffuser (‘Diffuseur a Roseaux Paris’) and our ‘Diffuser Oils’ they're the perfect addition for any home. The ‘Kitten D’Amour Essential Oil Diffuser’ is a gift that keeps on giving, especially when paired with a Diffuser Oil in one of Kitten D’Amour’s signature scents, such as ‘Paris’ or ‘Avignon’. Ideal for the loved one who loves to relax at home!


And if you’re just not sure?  A Kitten D’Amour Gift Voucher is the perfect gift for the Kitten who appears to have everything!  Because we all know you can never have too much Kitten D’Amour!

Happy gifting, and may your holidays be as fabulous as a Kitten D’Amour ensemble! 🎁🌟




Handbags make a fabulous gift, as they are not size dependent – one size fits all!  I love the 'Florence' Tote Handbag in Cream or the 'La Parisienne' Ruffle Handbag in Black!

Brooches are gorgeous as stocking fillers, perfect for adding a sparkle to any outfit!

Kitten D’Amour’s 'Parfume D'Interieur' (Paris) is the perfect gift for a loved one -  spray in your home or car for a gorgeous scent!

A pair of D’Amour Backseam Pantyhose will add that vintage flair to an outfit – the perfect gift for your best friend!

You can’t go wrong with a string of ‘Carmen’ Pearls!  Classic and sophisticated – every woman needs them!  The 'La Traviata' Long Pearl Necklace is another great choice!

Hair accessories! One ‘Ma Belle Fleur’ isn’t enough— try a whole bouquet! Even the messiest up-do can be spiced up with a few carefully placed hair flowers!

The right shoes can control the trajectory of your whole day. Start your loved one off on the right foot in the ‘La Fleur’ Shoe.  Pair them with a favourite day dress or a pair of capris for that off-duty old Hollywood starlet look! 

A good coat is a wardrobe essential, especially here in Melbourne! The D’Amour Empire’ Bustle Coat feels almost a bit Mod/60’s to me with the white piping. This coat feels like a family heirloom in the making - perfect for that special someone!

The ‘La Luna’ Floral Garland Skirt is one of my favourite designs of late and would make a fabulous gift for your bestie!

Our beautiful scarves are a wonderful stocking stuffer! Both gorgeous and versatile, you can style these delicate pieces in so many ways. I like to wear mine around my neck but in your hair or even tied around the handle of your handbag can be just the finishing touch any Kitten would love!

Shayla Kitten's Secret Santa Suggestion: The 'La Luna' Wallet!  These wallets are so soft to touch that you won't want to put them down!  It comes with a compact mirror in its sleeve for practicality and space saving measures - perfect for on-th-go touchups!  A beautiful Secret Santa gift without having to worry about sizing or fit preferences for your lucky recipient.

My favourite Kitten outfit would have to be the ‘French Vacation’ Dress. Everyone looks fabulous in this dress, so it would be the perfect gift! It's comfortable, flattering and so versatile. I know I will be wearing this summer dress to my next Christmas event, along with a nude ‘Jazz’ shoe and matching hair flower.

The classic 'Riviera' Hat makes for a fabulous purchase, and would be an amazing gift, especially as it comes in a gorgeous hat box! It looks amazing with a few extra ‘Ma Belle Fleur’ hair flowers!
A must have accessory is the 'Regency' Pearl Drop Choker. It works perfectly with almost every Kitten outfit and really adds that extra hint of glamour and elegance.
When in doubt add a ‘Ma Belle Fleur to your purchase. A Kitten can NEVER have too many hair flowers!  My new favourite colours are Stratosphere and Meadow!

Jackie's Secret Santa Suggestion:  If you want to be the best Secret Santa this year you will need to get your hands on the 'Parfume D'Interieur' (Paris). Paris is our signature scent, made from a divine mix of patchouli, white rose and lychee, and our secret Romance Pheromone. 

Our ‘Parfume D'Interieur’ in ‘Vallèe De La Loire’ would make a fabulous gift!  This room spray smells of Vanilla coupled with hints of Cinnamon, Cardamom, Chicory, Cloves, Nutmeg, and our magical ingredient, 'Iso E Super'... it is the perfect scent to fill your room on Christmas morning! 

 The ‘La Luna’ Brooch is an enchanting stocking filler, packaged in our limited design brooch box. Brooches are a wonderful addition to any wardrobe – pin them on your dress, cardigan or jacket, or use them to secure a scarf, turn into a choker necklace or wear as a hair accessory!

Ooh la la! Our ‘D'Amour Cat Eye’ Sunglasses (Classic Black) are a stylish, retro design your sister or best friend is sure to adore!  The packaging is darling and they arrive in a a gorgeous hardcover case featuring a luxurious velvet lining, microfibre cleaning cloth and matching box – the perfect gift!

Our mid-century darling ‘Sardinia’ Hat (Straw) is a fabulous, timeless accessory for those sunny Christmas days at the beach, on a boat party, picnic or BBQ! The hat comes packaged in a beautiful, unique Kitten D'Amour hat box making it an easy and a gorgeous gift this Christmas.  Feeling generous?  Add in a ‘Florence’ Scarf or ‘Ma Belle Fleur’ for a spot of hat decorating!

The ‘D'Amour Delphine’ Wiggle Dress is an elegant, sleek, vintage-styled design, perfect to gift a lover, sister, mother or dear friend this Christmas. The gorgeous deep red colour, with semi-sheer billowing sleeves and faux button feature is a classic, timeless look, perfect for years to come!

My favourite outfit, hands down, is my ‘La Luna’ Floral Garland Stripe Dress – how excited would your sister or friend be to receive this for Christmas?  It’s just perfect for those Christmas parties that are ahead and I for one am thinking It would be also fabulous for Christmas Day!

You couldn’t go wrong with the ‘Jazz’ shoe in nude! The ‘Jazz’ Shoe is my go-to and the heel is a perfect height – a beautiful gift for any of your dearest friends!

The ‘Riviera’ Hat is a must with our hot summer ahead. I will be giving this a spin on Christmas Day myself! Not only is it beautiful and stylish, it also has great sun protection.I love to style it with the Ma Belle Fleur Flowers attached to the side, and I love that there are so many colours to choose from. My personal favourite is ‘La Belle Fleur’ in Meadow. Which one will you choose Kittens?

The ‘La Luna’ Handbag is such a perfect size, not too big and not too small, so it fits in everything that you need without being bulky. It has a beautiful vintage look and I love that it is limited.  What a perfect gift idea!

For the love of petticoats!  I have one in every colour and always wear two under most of my full dresses/skirts. It gives that beautiful 1950's silhouette.  A ‘Vintage Classic’ Petticoat would make the perfect stocking filler, Kittens! They are so soft and fluffy and give fullness to your dress or skirt, and oh what a pretty silhouette!

Tammy Kitten's Secret Santa Suggestions:  
The list is endless! Kitten D'amour Back Seam Pantyhose, for that complete vintage look. Keyrings! Everybody needs a Kitten D'Amour Keyring!  Scarves- For your hair, for your neck or for your handbag.  Gloves: perfect for glam up your Kitten D’Amour outfit for those Christmas parties.  The 'Midnight in Paris' Headband!  This pretty headband sparkles with gorgeous rhinestones and will lift your outfit to a whole new level!

Petticoats! A perfect Kitten essential to make sure you have the perfect outfit! With so many colours of petticoats, one can never have too many! Spinning and twirling with a petticoat underneath is always the most magnificent feeling as the pop of colour is such fun! Matching my petticoats with the colour of the Ma Belle Flower I’m wearing for the day is always such a highlight!

Hair Bows can be some of the most perfect little Christmas gifts! With all presents the best way to finish wrapping one is with a bow on top after all! One Cheeky way to hint at what a loved one’s gift could be is adding the bow on our presents or of course finishing a look with their beautiful new hair accessory! Hair bows are the perfect way to add some vintage and charm to any hairstyle!

The Kitten D'Amour Essential Oil Diffuser is a glamorous way to add some Kitten décor to any home! The silhouettes and beautiful lighting add that D’amour flair that makes us so irresistible! It’s also a great sister gift for a first oil to try! Personally, my favourite oils are Paris and Avignon!

The 'French Vacation' Classic Top is an absolute all-time favourite of mine! I love styling my top with the 'D’Amour Mermaid' Wiggle Skirt to really stand out! The three colour options of the Classic Top make it infinitely versatile and a must for any occasion! When I wear the pink top, I make sure to have a 'Ma Belle Fleur' in Black and some fabulous Pantyhose fishnet (Nude) to highlight the look! The tops are also fantastic paired up with jeans and any skirt you may already have!

D’Amour ¾ Sleeve Cardigans are a divine way to customise any gift, with so many beautiful colours and options! Having the right cardigan is the perfect addition for a colder evening and is a secret ingredient to finding something a bit special! With so many options finding favourite colours is a sweet way to make anyone smile as they open their new gift this Christmas! My personal favourite would have to be the 'La Luna' ¾ Sleeve Cardigan in Blue!

Chany Kitten's Secret Santa Suggestion:  The 'An Affair to Remember' Handbag is the perfect Secret Santa gift! The beautiful and unique handbag offers something special and quirky to any Kitten with its classy shape! A sweet mirror when you open it, and some space to hide other treats as well! Everyone will want to know where you’ve gotten your new fabulous accessory with an added golden chain for more versatility of length for a Kitten on the go!



  • Trudy

    Omg I love this post! Shared with my family in hopes for a Riviera hat under the tree!

  • Debbie

    I am giving the room spray and defusing oil in Paris to my Neice she lovely the way I smell as I spray my hair flower with the spray

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