Kitten D'Amour Radio

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Kitten D’Amour Radio Schedule

Sunday evening to Friday afternoon - Beautiful music, 24 hours a day! A mixture of Jazz, Hot Latin Rhythms, Quirky Songs from the 1950s and 1960s and the very latest chart hits from the world’s music charts!

Friday afternoon to Sunday evening - The very best party music and a selection of the world’s most popular chart hits!

Sunday 7pm - The Cocktail Nation, an hour of the best lounge and cocktail music, hosted by Koop Kooper.

Sunday 8pm - Kitten D’Amour Radio is the only radio station in Australia to Syndicate the ‘Bachelor Pad Radio Show’!

You can tune into ’The Bachelor Pad Radio Show’ every Sunday from 8pm, right after ’The Cocktail Nation’ Radio Show. 
Every week, The Bachelor Pad Radio Show features music every swinging bachelor needs to have. Lounge, cocktail, exotica, private-eye jazz, and even a touch of retro-swing from the likes of Esquivel, Martin Denny, Yma Sumac, Julie London, Les Baxter, Frank Sinatra, and many others. Tune in and enjoy the fabulous ‘Bachelor Pad Radio Show’ every Sunday at 8pm on Kitten D’Amour Radio!