Arabella Wentworth Design Inspiration and Size Guide


Arabella Wentworth is great-granddaughter of the famous crime novelist, Patricia Wentworth (1877 - 1961) and granddaughter of the famous English actor, John Wentworth (1908 - 1989).

The Wentworth ‘Line’ goes back to Philip Wentworth (1424 - 1464), an English Knight who was the Great Grandfather of Queen Jane Seymour, the third wife of King Henry VIII. Philip was beheaded in 1464!

Who Arabella’s parents are, has always been a bit of a mystery.  The Wentworth family is well known for their determination to keep their private lives secret! John Wentworth was associated with numerous beautiful English actresses in the 1970s and it’s possible that one of these liaisons resulted in the arrival of a son, who went on to become a successful ‘New Romantic’ Pop Star in the 1980s, even though this was fervently denied by the Wentworth family, and they did everything they could to keep these rumours suppressed. 

Patricia Wentworth, Crime NovelistIt was suggested at one time that Arabella was the ‘love child’ of the pop star and a beautiful Scandinavian model. Apparently, they met on an 80’s revival tour in Sweden in early 2000. The Wentworth family are famous for their vast wealth, accumulated from being long-standing Landowners from the 18th century along with the large book sales from the crime novels written by Patricia Wentworth in the 1940s and 1950s. Whoever her true parents were…Arabella is beautiful, and her creative talent is legendary! Arabella is reported to live in Wentworth Woodhouse, a sprawling A-Listed Country House in the village of Wentworth in Rotherham, South Yorkshire in England.
Arabella is famous for visiting the local Rotherham Market and Village Shop while wearing the most incredible and stylish clothing, together with Mr Van Whiskers, Arabella’s beloved long-haired, Grey Norwegian Forest Cat! In fact, Arabella is never seen without Mr Van Whiskers by her side. Arabella wears the most striking vintage wiggle dresses, coats and shoes and as you can well imagine, Arabella and Mr Van Whiskers turn heads wherever they go!

Join our Kittens as they try on 'Arabella Wentworth' for you!

Jackie Kitten (Bust: 87cm / Waist: 74cm / Hip: 104cm / Height: 163cm)

‘Arabella Wentworth’ Wiggle Dress (10): Jackie wore size 10 – her regular size in a wiggle design. She found the fit firm on the hips and perfect around the bust and shoulder.  She loves the contrast sleeve in black, and the square neckline. The black button and tab features pop against the tartan, which Jackie adores!

‘Arabella Wentworth’ Bow Dress (8): Jackie wore her usual size 8 for a comfortable fit. She felt that she could have sized down if she was looking for something more fitted. She loved the adjustable straps for that perfect fit! The fabric is so divine, with a soft, floaty feel. It was love at first sight for Jackie as the vintage style and bodice bow suit Jackie to a tee! What a cute way to dress for formal!

Arabella Wentworth Coat (8): What a fabulous coat! The exquisite details are sure to capture everyone's heart! Jackie loved the functional pockets and the collar details. Jackie went with her usual size 8 for a comfortable fit. She did find it a little long in the arms but perfect around the waist. The vibrant colours weaved into the tartan print make for a captivating look that is sure to turn heads!

‘Arabella Wentworth’ Jacket (Tartan)(8): One can never have too many jackets, so this one is essential! This is the perfect autumn jacket, with wide sleeve and military front detail. Jackie found her usual size 8 to be the perfect fit!  Jackie just loves the hook and eye closure plus the button-on ties for the extra pussy-bow finish. Jackie feels this would be such a versatile wardrobe piece!

Kay Kitten (Bust: 79cm / Waist: 65.5cm / Hip:  91cm / Height: 172cm)

‘Arabella Wentworth’ Frill Blouse (Black) (6): Kay found the ‘Arabella Wentworth’ Frill Blouse in size 6 fitted well in the arms and shoulders, but a little loose around the chest. She states that could just be her problem, and her lack of tattas. It is, however, VERY comfortable. The fabric is a little sheer, but doesn’t reveal as much as you’d think it would when on. 


Arabella Wentworth’ Wiggle Skirt (4):  Ahhh!!!!! Look at THE BUSTLE! Just look at it! Kay has fallen in love with the 'Arabella Wentworth' Wiggle Skirt. Snugly fitted, comfortably lined—what more could a girl ask for? The design fitted perfectly in her usual size 4. She notes that the ‘Arabella Wentworth’ Skirt is the perfect bottom pairing piece for any of the ‘Arabella Wentworth’ top designs. 


‘Arabella Wentworth’ Wiggle Dress (4): “Oh my god”, were the first words out of Kay’s mouth when she tried on the Wiggle Dress in her usual size 4. Fitting snugly around her hips and waist yet allowing for movement, this dress is THE dress. She adores the belt detailing that cinches her waist even further, complemented by the straps and faux buttons that add a touch of contrast!  

‘Arabella Wentworth’ Full Dress (4): The ‘Arabella Wentworth’ Full Dress fitted Kay like a glove. She found the dress very true to size. She adored the sweetheart neckline and found the dress extremely flattering. Even with her arm raised, the dress stayed flush against her chest, allowing for optimal arm movement! Her sister caught a peep of the dress during her try-ons at home and loudly exclaimed that she just HAS to buy the dress with the collection release! 


‘Arabella Wentworth’ Jacket (Black) (4): Okay no, she’s also definitely getting this when the collection comes out. (Oh Kitten D’Amour, have mercy on people’s savings accounts!!!). She loves the faux buttons on the lapel detailing both sides, and notes the hook and eye closure makes for easy fastening. The cropped bell sleeves also add a much-appreciated dramatic flair!


Mandie Kitten: (Bust: 100cm / Waist: 80cm / Hip: 109cm / Height: 168cm)

Arabella Wentworth’ Bow Dress (10):  Mandie loved the high neckline and the added bow feature in tartan on the Bow Dress, and found her regular size 10 to be the perfect fit.  Mandie popped a petticoat underneath for added flare, and the ‘Arabella Wentworth’ Follies Bow Hair Clip for the perfect finishing touch!

‘Arabella Wentworth’ Frill Blouse (Hot Pink) (12): – Mandie sized up in this design, as she found the fit to be quite firm, and the fabric has no stretch.  Mandie just adored the colour and felt this stunning top would be perfect for layering! 

‘Arabella Wentworth’ Wiggle Skirt (Tartan)(14): Mandie sized up to a size 14 in the wiggle skirt, due to a lack of stretch in the fabric. Her regular ‘Wiggle’ size is a 12, so Kittens, you may wish to size up!  Mandie loves the black lace bustle, with its button detailing!
‘Arabella Wentworth’ Jacket (Tartan) (10): – This design was Mandie’s top pick! Mandie thinks both the tartan and black are a must-have for every Kitten, and just adores that cape-like sleeve detail.  Mandie found her regular size 10 to be the perfect fit!

‘Arabella Wentworth’ Camisole (12):  Like the other Kittens, Mandie found this top to be firm, and sized up to a size 12.  Mandie loves the cowl feature and the hint of tartan, and can’t wait to pair this with her ‘Arabella Wentworth’ Skirts!

‘Arabella Wentworth’ Lace Up Wiggle Skirt (Black) (12):  This is a classic wiggle skirt with a beautiful twin bustle detail! Mandie wore her normal size 12 in a wiggle. This wiggle was a perfect fit and hugged her curves in all the right places! 

Kerryn Kitten (Bust: 95cm / Waist: 80cm / Hip: 108cm / Height: 168cm)
Kerryn is smitten with the ‘Arabella Wentworth’ collection and simply couldn’t resist trying on absolutely everything!

‘Arabella Wentworth’ Corset (10): Kerryn just loves this corset!  What a gorgeous outfit for formal events - or even for one more casual, with jeans! She paired it with the ‘D’Amour’ Birdsnest Skirt and the ‘Arabella Wentworth’ Fascinator for a fabulous formal look, and also with the full skirt, just for fun!  While she wore the size 10 for the size guide, she would also consider opting for the size 12 so that the back panels could be laced closer together, as she prefers a smaller width of lacing.

‘Arabella Wentworth’ Follies Fascinator: The beautiful handmade fascinator was the perfect finishing touch for this outfit!  The base bends to fit your head perfectly, and adds that extra special Kitten touch we all love!

‘Arabella Wentworth’ Jacket (Black)(10): Kerryn couldn’t wait to try this gorgeous cape-inspired jacket on! She loves the flowing sleeves and the fitted bodice, she felt so ‘vintage’ and glamorous!  The ties at the front are detachable, and Kerryn plans on buying both colours, so that she has the option of wearing the tartan ties on the black jacket too! Kerryn wears size 10, finding it to be the perfect fit and true to size. 

‘Arabella Wentworth’ Cardigan (M): Oh, how glamorous this cardigan is!  Kerryn loves how perfectly it pairs with all the ‘Arabella Wentworth’ designs, noting that it will be fabulous with her Kitten Denim as well.  Kerryn wore size medium in this design, finding the fit to be true to size.

‘Arabella Wentworth’ Coat (10): Oh Kittens, this coat is gorgeous!  Kerryn preferred the fit of her regular size 10, however, if she was living in a colder region and planned on wearing a lot of layers underneath, she might consider sizing up.  The way the front of the coat cuts away allows your skirt to peep through is a fabulous feature!
‘Arabella Wentworth’ Camisole (12): Kerryn recommends sizing up in this design if you're between sizes or have a larger bust, finding the size 12 to be the perfect fit!  She loves the detailing at the bodice and can’t wait to wear this camisole with the ‘Arabella Wentworth’ skirts!

Arabella Wentworth’ Full Skirt (10): Kerryn just loves this skirt, and wore her regular size 10, finding it to be the perfect fit. Kerryn popped a Vintage Classic Petticoat underneath for that added volume and can’t wait to wear this little number out and about!  She loves that it has pockets!

Tammy Kitten (Bust: 86cm / Waist: 64cm / Hip: 91cm / Height: 161cm)

‘Arabella Wentworth’ Coat (4): Tammy wears a size 4 but if you want a little room you’ll want to size up. Tammy adores this gorgeous coat, and the button-down collar and cuff detail are stunning! The cut of the coat opening from the waist at the front allows you to feature your outfit underneath, which is very flattering and accentuates your waist.  The piping and button detail is also a lovely feature.  This one is a showstopper Kittens! 

Let's not forget to mention the lining is so stunning, featuring Mr Van Whiskers.  Tammy loves this touch of whimsy!

Arabella Wentworth’ Full Dress (6): Tammy wears a size 6 in the Full Dress and found this to be a perfect fit.  She loves the bolero effect that the sleeves and piping detail gives, and of course Kittens, it has pockets!

Arabella Wentworth’ Camisole (8): Tammy wears a size 8 as she found a little firm across the bust.  If you’re in-between sizes, you’ll want to size up!  The lace and tartan detailing on the bodice are so feminine and flattering, and the versatility of this pretty camisole is endless.  The way the fabric drapes across/under the bust is a pretty feature.

Arabella Wentworth’ Wiggle Skirt (8): Tammy found this wiggle skirt to be true to size and wore her usual size 8. The fabric is simply divine and has a little give, so it hugs in all the right places. The bustle on the back is so pretty with the lace and button tab detail!

‘Arabella Wentworth’ Frill Blouse (Blue) (6): Tammy wears a size 6 but suggests sizing up if in you are between sizes. This fabric is so light, and the dramatic cuff is a fabulous feature. The blue is Tammy's favourite colour, but it also comes in black and pink.  There is no stretch to this fabric.

‘Arabella Wentworth’ Jacket (Tartan) (6): Tammy wears a size 6 in this darling jacket, which is true to size for her.  Tamm adores this jacket, as it’s a very vintage-inspired showstopper!  It’s so very sophisticated and a must for your Kitten D'Amour collection! Tammy loved that the bow is detachable, and the button detail is such a beautiful feature on the bodice. The give in the fabric makes for a comfortable fit.

Sophie Kitten (Bust: 90cm / Waist: 77cm / Hips: 96cm / Height: 166cm)

‘Arabella Wentworth’ Bow Dress (10): Sophie loves the feel of the luxuriously soft fabric this dress has been created in! Sophie found it to be true to size, ensuring both comfort and style, and she loved how sophisticated she looked!  Sophie could see herself wearing the ‘Arabella Wentworth’ Bow Dress to a cocktail party or a romantic dinner - the perfect choice for any occasion. Sophie wore her usual size 10 in this design.

‘Arabella Wentworth’ Camisole (12): While it boasts a slightly tighter fit, those who prefer a more relaxed feel may opt to size up. Take a cue from Sophie, who found comfort in sizing up to a 12 for a bit more room around the bust. Sophie can’t wait to pair this top with a pair of Kitten jeans, or the beautiful ‘Arabella Wentworth’ Full Skirt!

‘Arabella Wentworth’ Full Skirt (10): Sophie adores this skirt!  She opted for her standard size 10 for a perfect fit. The ‘Arabella Wentworth’ Full Skirt has quickly become one of her favourites, and she can’t wait to add it to her wardrobe!

Arabella Wentworth Jacket (Tartan): This exquisite piece has quickly become Sophie's favourite, and it's easy to see why! Whether you're heading out for a night on the town or simply looking to add a touch of sophistication to a casual outfit, this jacket is the perfect choice. Its versatile nature allows it to transition seamlessly from day to night, making it a must-have addition to Sophie’s wardrobe. Plus, her normal size 10 was the perfect fit!

Isabella Kitten (Bust: 91cm / Waist: 77cm / Hip: 90cm / Height: 155cm)


Arabella Wentworth’ Full Dress (8): Isabella sized down from her usual size for a firm fit on the waist, as she found the bust to be a little too roomy for her.  She loved the sweetheart neckline, and that this dress has pockets!

‘Arabella Wentworth’ Full Skirt (8):  Isabella is normally a size 10 in Kitten D’Amour full skirts but sized down to an 8 for the perfect fit.  She loves the button detail on the skirt, and again, it has pockets!

‘Arabella Wentworth’ Camisole (10):  Isabella generally wears a size 10 in Kitten D’Amour tops and found that the 10 was perfect for her.  She suggests if you are larger busted, you may consider sizing up.  She loved the feminine look and feel of this design!

Elena Kitten (Bust: 78cm / Waist: 59cm / Hip: 88cm / Height: 163cm)


‘Arabella Wentworth’ Bow Dress (4): Ooh la la! Elena loves the asymmetrical neckline with the charming Tartan bow detail. The fabric of this dress was stretchier than the other designs in this collection, with a generous bust area. Elena Kitten recommends choosing your regular size. 

Arabella Wentworth Jacket (black) (4): This jacket is ever so stunning! The sleeves are fabulously flowy, while keeping you warm all day long. Elena found the fit was slightly generous on this design but makes it nice and easy to swish around in!

‘Arabella Wentworth’ Frill Blouse (Hot Pink)(6):  The colour of this blouse was a hit for Elena! With its smooth, light fabric, this blouse was easy to layer with for the perfect winter outfit. The top features a low-cut V-neck that is ever so dreamy. Elena found this top was true to size, although larger-busted Kittens may wish to size up!

‘Arabella Wentworth’ Wiggle Skirt (4): Again, stunning! Elena is in love with the feel of the skirt, the fitting snug while still being easy to walk in, thanks to the split in the bustle. The fabric holds little to no stretch and cinches the waist firmly to reveal everyone’s beautiful figures. Elena kitten recommends that if you are in between sizes, to size up. 

‘Arabella Wentworth’ Camisole (4): Elena is OBSESSED with this top! Perfectly fitted around the shoulders, the sweetheart neckline of the top shows off a peak of Tartan print. The cowl feature adds an extra touch of delicacy to this top. The fabric is thick, with minimal stretch.

‘Arabella Wentworth’ Coat (4): If you’re a coat lover, Elena believes you need this one! Comfortable on the shoulder, with room for winter layering, everyone is bound to fall in love with this coat! The fit was slightly loose, with not much stretch to the fabric.







  • Nicole

    Perfect outfit for winter with some bright colours

  • Natasha

    Just received my AW coat, it is STUNNING, thank you Kitten D’amour!

  • Charli T

    This has been one of my favorite collections in a long time! I wear my full length coat to work all the time and always get lots of comments and compliments, I love it so much!

  • Elisa

    These size guides are so helpful. Honestly the hardest part here is NOT just buying the entire collection…

  • Holly

    This collection is honestly to die for. The fabric is high quality, thought and care into the construction and design. It is quite clever, as tartan is normally a winter aesthetic, but this vibrant colour way could be worn through spring and summer as well. I live in Townsville North QLD and I will be rocking my corset and swing skirt with jeans or a Kitten singlet top.

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