'Bahia' Outfit Inspiration and Size Guide!


In Bahia, on the coastline of Brazil, where the vibrant rhythms of Latin music pulse through the streets like the beat of a passionate heart, there exists a moment frozen in time, a snapshot of life that captures the essence of this enchanting land. In this moment, you will find yourself immersed in a world of celebration, dance, beautiful vintage dresses, and romance, swept away by the intoxicating energy that permeates the air.

So, what is Brazil known for, you may ask? Of course, in many regards, this country’s outsized reputation precedes itself. This is the land of beautiful people, glorious beaches like Copacabana or Ipanema, and legendary soccer players, including Pelé. Oh, and then there’s a little party called Carnaval do Rio de Janeiro which spills over into the streets with a nationwide spectacle of colour and culture each year.

But tonight, as you wander through the bustling streets of Salvador, the beating heart of Bahia, you are not thinking of soccer or beaches. Instead, you are consumed by the pulsating rhythm of the Bossa Nova, the laughter of the people, and the promise of romance that hangs in the air like a delicate fragrance.  And of course, your flowing ‘Bahia’ skirt, which you've hastily fastened around your waist, a delectable gelato-hued check print.  You have been loving wearing your ‘Bahia’ Playsuit during the day, as you wandered the markets, you loved the way the accompanying skirt had you ready for the night’s festivities!

As you make your way through the crowded streets, you are drawn to a lively square where a makeshift dance floor has been set up. Couples swirl and twirl to the hypnotic beat of the music, their bodies moving in perfect harmony as if they were born to dance.

You watch in awe as a young couple takes to the floor, their movements fluid and graceful, their eyes locked in a passionate embrace. In that moment, it feels as though time stands still, and all that exists is the music, the dance, and the undeniable chemistry between them.

But as the night wears on, the atmosphere becomes even more electrifying. The streets are alive with the sound of laughter and music, and the air is filled with the aroma of street food and coffee. And amidst it all, the buildings that line the streets are bathed in a soft, gelato-hued glow, casting a magical spell over the city.

Set out for the country’s epic sun, surf, and sand, and you’ll come upon some of the Brazilian beaches’ most distinguishing features. For one, expect an onslaught of vendors who rove the golden shores serving up refreshments like fresh coconuts, fruits, and sweet tea.

But amidst the chaos and the noise, there is a sense of joy and celebration that is palpable. It is a celebration of life, of love, and of everything that makes Bahia truly unique.

And as you dance beneath the stars…your 1950s style ‘Bahia’ skirt whirls around you, and your vintage beaded ‘Bahia’ Follies Carnival Necklace gleams in the light.  ‘Bahia’ Samba Hair flowers are pinned in your hair and surrounded by the laughter of friends and the warmth of newfound love; You know that this moment will stay with you forever. For in this magical land of beauty and rhythm, anything is possible, and every moment is a celebration.

Join the Kittens of Kitten D'Amour, as they try on 'Bahia' for you! 

Kate Kitten (Bust: 112cm / Waist: 95cm / Hip: 116cm / Height: 165cm)

‘Bahia’ Top (White)(14): Kate chose her usual size 14 in the ‘Bahia’ Top and absolutely loved it!  All three colours are at the top of her shopping list! She loves how flattering the bust is, and the beautiful shape it gave her.

‘Bahia’ Full Skirt: Again, Kate found her usual size 14 to be the perfect fit.  The print and fabric felt so fresh and pretty, meaning this skirt is just perfect for these summer days!

‘Bahia’ Playsuit & Skirt Set (14): Never one to go past a cute Playsuit, Kate fell in love with this ‘Bahia’ design! She wore her usual size 14 for a perfect fit.  Kate loves the flattering neckline, the adjustable straps with their perky bows, and the versatility of the skirt included in this set.  Kate is excited about how many different looks she will be able to create with the ‘Bahia’ Playsuit & Skirt Set!

‘Bahia’ Maxi Dress (14): Kate felt fabulous wearing the ‘Bahia’ Maxi dress, and wore her usual size 14 for a perfect fit.  Kate loves how this dress cinches in her waist, before flowing out into a breezy billowy skirt. The ‘Bahia’ Maxi Dress is the perfect day dress!

Tash Kitten (Bust: 92cm / Waist: 69cm / Hip: 104cm / Height: 163cm)

Bahia Playsuit & Skirt Set (8): Tash couldn’t wait to try on this gorgeous design!  While Tash would usually opt for a size 10, due to her dramatic hourglass figure, in this design she wore a size 8 for the perfect fit.  She loved the versatility of this design, finding the skirt to be a fabulous addition to create a whole new look! 

Bahia Shirred Dress (8): Tash found this dress to be oh-so comfortable! Due to the fabulous stretch in the shirred bodice, Tash sized down in this design. Tash loved how easy and comfortable the 'Bahia' Shirred Dress was to wear, feeling it was perfect for a morning at the markets or for a picnic!


Tammy Kitten (Bust - 86 cm / Waist - 64 cm / Hip 91 cm / Height: 161cm)

'Bahia' Top (Aqua Blue)(4): Tammy chose a size 4 in this darling top - she does generally go between 4 or 6 depending on the stretch.  This is one of the most comfortable tops you'll ever wear, Kittens!  The colour is to die for and as it’s also available in black and white, it is going to be difficult to pick just one colour... Maybe all three?

With its glorious stretch (thanks to the cotton/spandex blend) and the flattering gathered decolletage, this design will suit both small and larger busted Kittens.  The elasticated cap sleeves are very comfortable and not too tight on the arms.  What a match made in heaven, when paired with the ‘Bahia’ skirt!

'Bahia' Full Skirt (6): Tammy is wearing a size 6 in the pretty ‘Bahia’ Full Skirt but also could fit into the size 4, so if you are in between these sizes and like a firmer fit you may choose to size down.  This skirt has been created in the perfect fabric for summer – light and airy!  Tammy loves the vintage silhouette that you can create, simply by adding a petticoat or two!  The high waist and box pleated skirt really is a very flattering shape and draws attention to your waist - we all know that is a must for Kittens who adore vintage styling!

The check fabric is a definite favourite feature – it has such a vintage feel and look! Tammy cannot wait to team this skirt with lots of different tops.  She particularly loved the way that the 'Bahia’ Top “popped” when paired with the ‘Bahia’ Full Skirt!

'Bahia' Maxi Dress (6): Tammy found the ‘Bahia’ Maxi Dress a perfect fit and chose her usual Size 6. Tammy found that this fabric does not have stretch, so if you are in between sizes, she recommends sizing up.

A beautiful feature is the white contrast collar, with matching buttons at the front.  Tammy loved that these are fully functional, meaning this dress is nice and easy to pop on, although it also has a zipper at the back!  Tammy loved the fitted bodice and the way the check fabric falls so softly into a three-tiered maxi skirt.  “It’s just so dreamy and floaty, an absolute delight to wear, Kittens!” 

Marlena Kitten (Bust: 110cm / Waist: 93cm / Hip: 124cm / Height: 170cm)

Marlena Kitten adores the lightweight feel and turquoise colour of the Bahia Collection!  Marlena is a true size 14 in her Kitten D'Amour designs and found the ‘Bahia’ collection generally true to size, although she did opt to size up to a 16 in the Bahia Playsuit and Skirt Set to give her a comfortable loose feel - while the size 14 did fit her, she found the extra wiggle room accommodated her height.

‘Bahia’ Maxi Dress (14): Marlena loved the soft floaty feel of the ‘Bahia’ Maxi Dress, finding there to be the perfect amount of tailoring around the bodice to flatter her waistline.

Bahia’ Top (Blue)(14): Marlena was so impressed by the ‘Bahia’ Top in Blue. The lovely neckline is the perfect height for her full bust, and she found the elasticised sleeves comfortable and not too tight. She found her regular size 14 to be the perfect fit.

‘Bahia’ Full Skirt (14): Marlena Kitten just loves this skirt, adoring how floaty and lightweight it is!  This design was Marlena's top pick for the ‘Bahia’ collection. This little number was a bit generous in its sizing sitting comfortably on her waistline as a 14. She loves that it also includes pockets and knows that it would make a perfect summer look that is light to wear.

Overall, Marlena found this collection a delight from beginning to end. It is accommodating to a more generous bust and wonderfully light to wear. A Kitten 10/10!


Kay Kitten (Bust: 79cm / Waist: 65.5cm / Hip: 91cm / Height: 172cm)

‘Bahia’ Top and ‘Bahia’ Full Skirt (4): The 'Bahia' Top offered a snug and comfortable fit with its stretchy material. Kay found that pairing the ‘Bahia’ Top with the 'Bahia' Skirt (4) created a breathtaking look! While the skirt lacks stretch, it fitted Kay flawlessly in her go-to size 4, especially when she added a petticoat for that extra flair and volume.

‘Bahia’ Maxi Dress (4): Kay's top pick was the 'Bahia' Maxi Dress (4), falling for its tiered design and the way it cinched at her waist to highlight an hourglass figure. The fabric's lightness and flow made it her go-to choice for the sunny days of summer.

Jackie Kitten (Bust: 87cm / Waist: 74cm / Hip: 104cm / Height: 163cm)

‘Bahia’ Playsuit & Skirt Set (10): Jackie fell in love with the playsuit! The vibrant greens and blues make for the perfect summer beach soiree. Jackie loves that the playsuit comes with the matching full skirt, for added versatility. Jackie decided the size 10 was the better fit providing room around the hips. Jackie wore a size 8 in the 'Tea Rose' Playsuit for comparison. 

The soft cotton is divine, and Jackie loves that the check fabric has been finished off with delicate off-white trim.

Bahia’ Shirred Dress (6): A shirred dress design is always a classic, and Jackie loves the lightweight feel and the comfort of this dress. Jackie sized down to a size 6, as the shirring has fabulous stretch. Jackie loves the extra length in the skirt for that more vintage feel.




  • Olivia

    Everything and everyone is so beautiful.

  • Lisa

    Strange how the playsuit set fits the exact same sizing I am in this collection; but the skirt from French vacay set didn’t fit, but this did? Hopefully we see more of those sets in future summers!

  • Tam

    I love these real life try ons! It’s such a great reference to determine what suits and what doesn’t.

  • Robin K.

    It was absolutely wonderfully helpful, seeing these stunning, sixties-esque outfits on a range of bodies from sizes 4-14! How very fabulous! If we could just have a size 16 or 18 model, mixed in with the 4s and 14s, it would be TRULY PERFECT! But seeing the designs on models who wear 1-2 sizes away from mine, and getting the take on the outfits from MORE THAN ONE OF THEM!! was utterly fabulous. It made all the difference, and is probably why I bought the skirt AND gorgeous blue top. Can’t wait to wear these on Spring/Summery days! Thank you so much, Kitten D’Amour! <3<3<3

  • Rainbow Shieh

    Love this hair pieces, perfect to pair up with older collections as well, love the pretty hair pieces from kitten D’Amour, completes the look.

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