'Capone' Design Inspiration and Size Guide!

In the smoky streets of 1930s Chicago, ‘Capone’ was a woman of mystery, draped in the allure of the night. No one knew her real name .... She was simply known as ‘Capone’! With a gaze as sharp as the blade of a dagger and lips painted the colour of forbidden cherries, she moved through the shadows with the elegance of a silent film star.

Capone's wardrobe was the stuff of every woman’s dreams. Her most favoured were wiggle dresses from each of her Kitten D’Amour collections, loving how they clung to her curves like a lover's embrace. She was particularly partial to Red Rose fabrics, and burgundy pinstripe fabric that whispered tales of secretive liaisons. Paired with form-fitting coats and vests, she exuded an air of authority and danger, like a femme fatale straight out of a noir thriller.

But it was her dark floral dresses, that truly captured the essence of her film noir aesthetic. Each design seemed to hold a secret, a reminder of the tangled web of intrigue she wove around herself. Her seductive floral dress, spun from a decadent blend of cotton and silk, clung to her curves before pooling at her feet like spilled ink on a page.

As she made her way through the dimly lit speakeasies and opulent ballrooms of the city, all eyes turned to follow her, captivated by her beauty and mystique. ‘Capone’ was a woman of many faces. To some, she was a vision of temptation, a siren luring men to their downfall with a glance. To others, she was a symbol of empowerment, a femme fatale who refused to be tamed by society's expectations.

People whispered her name, as they glimpsed this vision, dressed in her signature Kitten D’Amour designs.

But beneath the veneer of glamour and danger, ‘Capone’ harboured secrets of her own. In a world where trust was a luxury few could afford, she learned to rely only on herself, navigating the treacherous waters of the underworld with cunning and grace.

And so, ‘Capone’ danced on the edge of darkness, her every move a tantalising invitation to those brave enough to follow. For in the world of film noir, where shadows loomed large and danger lurked around every corner, she was the ultimate seductress, a woman whose beauty was matched only by her thirst for fashion.

Step into the captivating realm of ‘Capone’ with the all-new, stunning collection of designs named after this siren, drawing inspiration from the glamour and intrigue of the 1930s. Named after the notorious Bonnie and Clyde era of history and the sometimes dangerous, yet always glamorous time of 1930s Chicago, ‘Capone’ features a blend of dark floral print and burgundy pinstripes, capturing the essence of romance and adventure.

Ideal for both cocktail parties attended by wealthy socialites and formal occasions, each meticulously crafted piece pays homage to the styles of the 1930s, ranging from sleek cocktail dresses to palazzo pants, wiggle skirts, frilled blouses, and a flowing 1930s-inspired gown. Completing the ensemble is the dapper 'Capone' Vest and 'Capone' Coat, adding a touch of refinement to the ‘Capone’ collection.

With an irresistible allure, the "Capone" collection seamlessly merges vintage charm with modern sophistication, ensuring you leave a lasting impression at any event.

 Video courtesy of @VintageFootage, found on Youtube!


Join the Kittens of Kitten D'Amour, as they try on 'Capone' for you!


Scarlett Kitten (Bust 79cm / Waist 63cm / Hips 93cm / Height 164cm)

‘Capone’ Pinstripe Wiggle Dress (Size 4):
Scarlett adored this dress! She went with her usual size 4, which turned out to be a perfect fit. Firm but comfortable, this dress hugs in all the right places. It’s snug around the legs, giving it that true wiggle effect! Scarlett felt incredibly glamorous in this stunning 1930s-inspired dress.

Capone’ Floral Dress (Size 4):
Scarlett looked stunning in her usual size 4, loving the fit of this beautiful dress! She found it a little loose around her petite waist, but the matching belt cinched it in perfectly. Scarlett chose to wear this design off her shoulders and adored the look! 

‘Capone’ Frill Front Blouse (Size 4):
The ‘Capone’ Frill Front Blouse in size 4 was a perfect fit for Scarlett, and she fell in love with this design! She loved pairing it with the ‘Capone’ Pinstripe Wiggle Skirt but feels it would also be perfect with some of her Kitten Denim. Scarlett adores the frill feature at the front, adding a touch of elegance and flair to any outfit.

‘Capone’ Lace Up Wiggle Skirt (Size 6):
Scarlett sized up to a size 6 in the ‘Capone’ Lace Up Wiggle Skirt  because she found it very firm around the derriere. To achieve the perfect fit at the waist, she added a belt. Scarlett absolutely fell in love with the lace-up detail and the bustle at the back, adoring how it accentuated her curves!

Adrienne Kitten (Bust 114cm / Waist 93cm / Hip 119cm / Height 169cm)

‘Capone’ Vest (Size 14):
Give me a matching set anyday! The military-style buttons on the vest are everything and more! This one is true to size – the bust fits comfortably, even with a shirt underneath. Adrienne wore her regular size 14 for the perfect fit. 

‘Capone’ Frill Front Top (Print) (Size 14):
Adrienne LOVE-LOVE-LOVES this blouse – she needs all the colours! This design feels amazing to wear! She loves the satin sleeve and bust. The fabric around the waist has little to no give, so she suggests sizing up for comfort in the ribcage, but Adrienne likes the corset feel. This blouse was true to size for her.

‘Capone’ Palazzo Pants (Size 14):
These Palazzo Pants are a little firm in the waist, as the fabric has limited ‘give’. Adrienne is normally a 14 in all palazzo pants – if your hip and waist measurements are similar, she suggests sizing up.

I could rule the world in my power pants!

‘Capone’ Floral Dress (Size 14): 
The floral print is STUNNING!! Adrienne is in between sizes for this design, opting for the 14, as the matching belt was perfect for cinching in her waist. She loves the structured collar and open neckline – given the option, she would love to wear this off-shoulder.

‘Capone’ Pinstripe Wiggle Dress (Size 16):
Adrienne just LOVES the length! The bustle hitting the top of the calf is my favourite length! This wiggle dress is snug around the hips as it has no stretch – Adrienne Kitten sized up for comfort and to be able to sit. THE COLOR IS DIVINE! Vampy, sultry, delicious!

Kerryn Kitten (Bust: 95cm / Waist: 80cm / Hip: 108cm / Height: 168cm) 

‘Capone’ Steel Boned Corset (Size 10):
If there’s a new corset to try, then Kerryn is first in line! She loves that cinched-in feeling, especially when her corset is paired with the voluminous D’Amour Birdsnest skirt! Kerryn wore a size 10 in this design but would opt for a size 12 as she prefers a narrower section of lacing at the back. She found the sizing to be the same as other Kitten D’Amour corsets.

'Capone' Fascinator:
What could top a beautiful outfit more perfectly than a 'Capone' Fascinator?  This glamorous fascinator is so versatile, Kittens!  Kerryn loves that the netting has one free end, which you can secure with the attached clip, so it can be worn to suit all manner of hair styles and lengths!

‘Capone’ Floral Wiggle Dress (Size 12):
What kind of sorcery is this dress, Kittens? How can one dress make a girl feel so feminine and glamorous? Kerryn wore a size 12, her usual ‘wiggle’ size, and found the fit firm, particularly around the ribs, but still perfect. She loves the cheongsam-style collar and the velvet bows!

‘Capone’ Blouse (Size 10):
The ‘Capone’ Blouse is so luxurious! The lace is incredibly feminine, making this a versatile blouse that looks gorgeous with any of the ‘Capone’ skirt or pants designs, or indeed any number of other Kitten designs! Kerryn can’t wait to layer this blouse under the ‘Capone’ Lace Up Jacket – it’s going to be perfect! She wore her usual size 10 in this design.

‘Capone’ Floral Skirt (Size 12):
Oh Kittens, this skirt is divine! Kerryn felt like a film noir siren in this gorgeous skirt, loving how her waist was cinched, while the pleats added fullness, especially when paired with a fluffy petticoat! Kerryn found this skirt to be firmer than the full skirts from more recent collections, so she sized up to a 12 for a firm but comfortable fit.

Mandie Kitten (Bust 100cm / Waist 80cm / Hips 108cm / Height: 168 cm)

‘Capone’ Lace Up Jacket (Size 12):
Mandie loves a jacket to complete her look for a cool winter evening. She found the size 12 in this design to be the perfect fit to give her room for layering. With the beautiful details of the layered collar, corset lacing on the front, and the bustle in the back, this jacket is a must-have! 

‘Capone’ Frill Front Blouse (Size 10):
The size 10 was just right for Mandie in this blouse, as she likes her tops to be a firm fit. But if you prefer a looser fit, Mandie recommends sizing up.

‘Capone’ Cardigan (Size S):
Mandie likes her cardigans to be a firm cropped fit, and the size Small was just perfect! The fur collar and pom-pom ties are the most beautiful and cozy finishing touch!

‘Capone’ Palazzo Pants (Size 12):
Mandie adores Kitten D'Amour Palazzo Pants, loving the 1940s look of the wide-leg design. She could not wait to add the new 'Capone' Pinstripe version to her wardrobe! As the pinstripe fabric has very little give, Mandie found she preferred the fit of the size 12.

‘Capone’ Pinstripe Wiggle Dress (Size 12):
Being curvier in the hips, Mandie sized up to a size 12 in this wiggle dress as the pinstripe fabric has very little give. She found this to be a great fit for wiggling! Mandie especially loved the lace bustle on the back, which perfectly finishes the design.

‘Capone’ Maxi Dress (Size 10):
Mandie fell head over heels in love with the elegant details of this design. The flutter sleeves are the perfect finishing touch. She found this to be a comfortable fit, and the tie feature on the waist made this design easily adjustable. Mandie wears her normal size 10 in this design.

Jackie Kitten (Bust: 87cm / Waist: 74cm / Hip: 104cm / Height: 163cm)

‘Capone’ Frill Front Blouse (Size 8):
This blouse feels fabulous! Jackie loves the long, floaty sleeves with button cuffs, along with the silky ruffle front and firm bodice. This top is a winner! Jackie chose a size 8 for a great fit around the bodice, similar to the ‘Poodles in Paris’ blouse.

‘Capone’ Palazzo Pants (Size 8):
Jackie owns many pairs of Kitten D'Amour palazzo pants, as they are one of her favourite styles. She opted for her usual size 8 for a firm fit. These palazzo pants are firmer than the previous ‘Cotton Tail Soiree’ design due to the heavier pinstripe fabric. They feel beautiful to wear, and Jackie couldn't help but notice the little sparkle in the fabric.

‘Capone’ Steel Boned Corset (Size 8):
Jackie wore her usual size 8 for a similar fit to the black ‘D'Amour’ Steel Boned Corset. The burgundy pinstripe fabric is divine, and Jackie loves the black trimming and satin lace-up ribbons. This corset is very versatile, working perfectly with jeans or a black wiggle skirt.

‘Capone’ Floral Skirt (Size 10):
Jackie decided to size up in the full skirt as the size 8 was a little too firm. The ‘Capone’ print is absolutely breathtaking! Jackie adores the button details and panelled waistband. It truly has that 1930s feel!

‘Capone’ Vest (Size 6):
Jackie sized down to a 6 in the vest for a firm fit around the waist. This new vest design features a front zipper and vintage buttons that can be styled with or without a blouse. Jackie loves the peplum for that 1930s inspiration. If you love a more steampunk feel, then this vest is for you!

‘Capone’ Palazzo Pants (Size 8):
Jackie owns many pairs of Kitten D'Amour palazzo pants, as they are one of her favourite styles. She opted for her usual size 8 for a firm fit. These palazzo pants are firmer than the previous ‘Cotton Tail Soiree’ design due to the heavier pinstripe fabric. They feel beautiful to wear, and Jackie couldn't help but notice the little sparkle in the fabric. 

Marlena Kitten (Bust 110cm / Waist 93cm / Hip 124cm / Height 170cm)

Capone Floral Maxi Dress (Size 14):
Marlena wore her regular size 14 in the stunning design!  She notes that the narrow shoulder straps are adjustable, and the tie around the waist is a pretty touch.  She loves how feminine and sultry she felt in this stunning dress! There is no stretch in this fabric, so she recommends keeping this in mind when choosing your size.  And Kittens, this dress is a beautiful cotton silk!

‘Capone’ Floral Wiggle Dress (Size 16):
Marlena felt ‘va-va-voom’ in the ‘Capone’ Floral Wiggle dress!  What a dress.. this dress hugged her curves in all the right places!  Marlena wore her usual ‘wiggle’ size in this dress, noting that there is really no ‘give’ in the fabric.  The little cap sleeve sat comfortably on her arms, and she loves the cheongsam collar!

Tammy Kitten (Bust 86cm / Waist 64cm / Hips 91cm / Height 161cm)

‘Capone’ Floral Dress (Size 6):
Tammy is absolutely head over heels for the ‘Capone’ Floral Dress! She’s wearing her usual size 6, and it fits like a dream. This dress is pure glamour and perfect for any event, making it a must-have for Tammy’s Kitten wardrobe. The rose fabric is simply divine, and the wide collar with a v-neck bodice paired with the cinched waist is super flattering. The fabric has a luxurious stretch that feels amazing, and the antique-style buttons add a pretty touch.

Slip into this dress and get whisked away to the glamorous 1930s, ready for your next cocktail party in true Kitten style!

‘Capone’ Lace Up Jacket (Size 6):
The Capone Lace Up Jacket is an absolute must-have for any Kitten's wardrobe! With its beautiful stretch, Tammy is wearing a size 6 and found it to be a perfect fit. The exquisite lace-up detail on the front adds a touch of elegance, while the antique-inspired gold buttons bring a pop of color and that fabulous 1920s glamour.


‘Capone’ Wiggle Dress (Size 6):
Tammy Kitten has found her new favourite wiggle dress!  Tammy wears her usual size 6 and it's a perfect fit. If you're a bit larger in the bust, you might want to size up.  Tammy's favourite features are the cheongsam-inspired collar with burgundy piping and the pretty velvet bows.

This wiggle dress feels fabulous, and the stretchy lining ensures a perfect fit. Plus, the delicate bustle at the rear is such a lovely addition – we all adore those bustles!

‘Capone’ Frill Front Blouse Print (Size 6):
Tammy is wearing a size 6 in this design, finding it to be a comfortable fit.  She did find it a little roomy through the bust. The double frill ruffle is so feminine and the peek-a-boo with two ties is fabulous is so pretty! The under-bust panel is very flattering and hugs your curves in all the right places, feeling very corset-like. The sleeves are floaty and the cuff with three buttons are a lovely feature!

This blouse also comes in black and burgundy so it will be hard to choose once you try these divine blouses on!

‘Capone’ Wiggle Skirt (8):
Tammy opted for a size 8 in this fabulous wiggle skirt! She did find a bit of extra room around the waist, so if you're in between sizes and not too curvy around the hips, you might want to size down. This skirt features a lovely wide panel on the waist and super flattering stitching on the front panel – such a gorgeous detail!

Another delightful touch is the pretty bustle on the back and the lace-up corset-like detail, which you can loosen or tighten as needed.  The burgundy colour is absolutely beautiful, and the little sparkle in the fabric is simply stunning!


  • Cheree

    I bought the Capone maxi dress(16l & the wiggle dress(16). They are both absolutely stunning dresses. My all time favourites 😍 the little bows down the size of wiggle dress, look awesome. The maxi dress is the most comfortable dress. Both are extremely flattering fit, with a gorgeous feminine design

  • Oksana

    The maxi dress so amazing, that disappeared, sold out.

  • Raquel

    Obsessed with the rose cardigan.

  • Beatrice

    Loveeee the burgundy

  • Tamsyn Kiely

    This range has me in a chokehold 😍 So stunning, such amazing quality and I feel so incredible it!! Thank you to the kittens in Chermside for taking such great care of me and ensuring I walk out feeling like a superstar!!!

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