Denim Divas and Fast Cars: A Kitten D'Amour Denim Size Guide!

Emma and Her 1967 Camaro: A Story of Freedom

Emma had always felt the pull of the open road, the promise of freedom and adventure calling out. It was the summer of 1967. Emma had a fierce spirit, a love for Kitten D’Amour Denim and a deep appreciation for the roar of a powerful V8 engine. Her pride and joy was a 1967 Chevy Camaro, a car that perfectly matched her sense of style and independence.

Emma's look was iconic. She wore her Kitten D’Amour 'Daytona' Jumpsuit with pride, an all-in-one denim coverall that exuded a rebellious edge. The jumpsuit was her armour, a statement of her determination to defy society’s expectations. Her ‘Austin’ Jacket was slung on the seat beside her, and she absently stroked the soft faux fur collar and cuffs. 


A Journey of Self-Discovery

Emma's journey began in her small hometown, where everyone knew each other. She’d grown up watching the boys work on their cars, dreaming of the day she could join them. Now, behind the wheel of her new Camaro, she revelled in the roar of the V8 and the wind in her hair. She cruised the winding country roads, exploring new places and meeting new people. The Camaro's aggressive styling and powerful engine made it the perfect vehicle for her adventures, embodying the spirit of the 1960s muscle car era.

Breaking Boundaries

Emma's love for denim was as strong as her passion for cars. Denim jeans had long been a symbol of rebellion and freedom. Emma was inspired by actresses like Marilyn Monroe and Brigitte Bardot, who had popularised denim jeans and made them a fashion staple for women.

Emma's wardrobe was a mix of casual and practical attire, reflecting her active lifestyle and her time spent under the hood, tinkering with her beloved Camaro. Her ‘Dallas’ Military Jacket, designed to be worn open, gave her a military panache she loved, especially when paired with a figure-hugging skirt like her black ‘Arabella Wentworth’ Wiggle Skirt, and the ‘D’Amour’ Lace Blouse

The Intersection of Fashion and Car Culture

Car ownership exploded in the post-World War II era. A vibrant car culture emerged. Emma’s Camaro was a direct competitor to the Ford Mustang, another iconic car of the era. Both vehicles combined style, performance, and a sense of youthful rebellion.

Emma was no passenger in the new car culture. She was often the centre of attention, a young woman in denim behind the wheel of her powerful Camaro. She was a part of the cultural upheaval of the 1960s. A time when women, denim jeans, and muscle cars came together. The times really were a-changin’.

The pursuit of freedom and self-expression knows no bounds. The spirit of rebellion and the quest for independence continue to define generations, just as they did for Emma in her 1967 Camaro.

Join the Kittens of Kitten D'Amour as they try on their favourite new Denim designs for you!

Kay Kitten (Bust: 79cm / Waist: 65.5cm / Hip: 91cm / Height: 172cm) 

'Daytona' Jumpsuit (4):
Kay Kitten absolutely adores the 'Daytona' Jumpsuit! She wore the Jumpsuit in her usual size 4 and notes that it was VERY comfortable. There is no need to size up or down, since there is a LOT of stretch in this Jumpsuit and that it hugs you in all the right places (and of course, helped boost her little booty), which made her feel incredibly confident in this stunning design!  

The 6 functional pockets were a godsend, she was able to stash all of her essential items in them and enjoy a night out hands-free! She noticed the ruched sleeves and loved how they shaped her shoulders. And my gosh, the flared bottoms! You cannot go wrong with this beautiful outfit!

Kate Kitten (Bust: 112cm / Waist: 95cm / Hip: 116cm / Height: 165cm)

'Daytona' Jumpsuit (Size 14):
Kate had an absolute blast styling the Daytona Jumpsuit! Wearing a size 14 for the perfect fit, she loved how it beautifully emphasized her hourglass figure. She added touches of red with her Vixen shoes and a hair scarf, creating the perfect accessories for a standout look.

'Dallas' Military Jacket and 'Austin' Jacket (Size 12):
Kate adored both jackets and decided to size down to a 12 for that vintage cropped 'Easy Rider' feel. They gave her the perfect blend of structure and style, making every outfit pop with a classic yet edgy vibe. Whether you’re going for a polished look or something more daring, these jackets have you covered!

Brooke Kitten (Bust: 101cm / Waist: 86cm / Hip: 104cm / Height: 162cm)

'Daytona' Jumpsuit (Size 12):
Brooke absolutely adored how the Daytona Jumpsuit hugged her curves! The fit around her hips and thighs was just perfect. The stretchy fabric offered plenty of breathing room, and the length was ideal for pairing with a cute Kitten heel. A perfect blend of comfort and style! Brooke wore her regular Kitten Denim size 12! 

'Dallas' Military Jacket (Size 10):
This jacket is a win! It fits beautifully, and thanks to its open design, you can easily go for either a size 10 or a size 12. Both sizes offer a fantastic fit, providing great arm movement while maintaining its structure. Flexibility and style in one chic package!

Tammy Kitten (Bust: 86cm / Waist: 64cm / Hip: 91cm / Height: 161cm)

‘Daytona’ Jumpsuit (4):
Tammy wore a size 4 and found the denim to be super stretchy. If you’re between sizes, she recommends sizing down for the best fit. There's plenty of length in the torso, and she loves how it hugs the waist. Plus, the pocket placement is just perfect—so stylish and functional!

Austin’ Jacket (4):
Tammy also recommends sizing down if you’re between sizes for this one. She wore a size 4 and absolutely adores the style and fit! The 'Austin' Jacket is a definite must-have for her wardrobe. The removable faux fur adds a touch of versatility that she loves, making it easy to switch up the look!

Jess Kitten (Bust: 83cm / Waist: 63cm / Hips: 89cm / Height: 167cm

'Daytona' Jumpsuit (4)
If there’s a jumpsuit available, then Jess Kitten is here for it, and the 'Daytona' Jumpsuit was no exception! Jess wore her usual size 4 and absolutely loves the stretch in this design. The 'Daytona' Jumpsuit is oh-so-comfy, and Jess can’t get enough of the pockets! Perfect for any occasion, this jumpsuit combines style, comfort, and functionality in one fabulous piece.

Jackie Kitten (Bust: 87cm / Waist: 74cm / Hip: 104cm / Height: 163cm)

'Dallas' Military Jacket (Size 8):
Jackie could have sized down in this design, but she recommends sticking with your regular size if you plan to layer. She loves the button feature on the cuffs, and on the front of the jacket, and appreciates the stretch and versatility. The open design is perfect for showing off your outfits underneath!

'Austin' Jacket (Size 8):
Jackie fell in love with the cut of the 'Austin' Jacket, finding it to be the edgy piece her wardrobe was missing. The removable faux fur collar and cuffs add the perfect touch of luxury. Her regular size 8 was just right. She found this jacket surprisingly warm and the perfect crop length to pair with high-waisted skirts and dresses. A must-have for any Kitten!



  • Nicole

    Jeans are so soft and comfortable, and look great on

  • Cherie Gordon

    This is totally gorgeous and versatile and even better when I saw it instore

  • Cherie Gordon

    This is totally gorgeous and versatile and even better when I saw it instore

  • Adrienne Dawson

    Received my Dallas Jacket today, absolutely gorgeous and spot on for sizing. Plenty of room in shoulders too. Thank you Kittens 💜

  • Megan Colgan Gaudet

    I spy some new shoes, eeeek! I love them and the denim to match! So great!

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