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Introducing the exquisite new collection from Kitten D'Amour: 'Dorchester - Suite 17'. Inspired by the timeless elegance and unrivalled grandeur of London, the capital of luxury, style, and sophistication, this collection pays homage to the opulence found in the finest hotels that grace, vibrant London Town!

Imagine stepping into the world of London's renowned hotels, where every detail is meticulously crafted to offer an experience of sheer indulgence. 'Dorchester - Suite 17' captures this essence flawlessly, infusing the magnificence of these extraordinary establishments into each garment. Each piece in this incredible collection is numbered.

At the heart of this collection lies a stunning classic plaid design, unique to Kitten D’Amour, expertly combining shades of pink and black. The fabric design embodies both grace and power, with its juxtaposition of soft femininity and striking allure. It is a timeless pattern that evokes sophistication and confidence, allowing you to make a statement wherever you go.

Each piece in the 'Dorchester - Suite 17' collection is crafted with the utmost attention to detail, ensuring the highest quality and luxurious feel. The fabrics are carefully chosen to provide comfort and elegance. From the intricate stitching to the refined tailoring, ‘Dorchester - Suit 17' reflects everything that is synonymous with every limited edition collection created by Kitten D'Amour.

Whether you're attending a glamorous evening event or simply wanting to add a touch of London style to your everyday attire, 'Dorchester - Suite 17' offers a range of versatile options. From Wiggle Skirts and Wiggle Dresses that embrace your curves with grace so impeccably, to the stunning Crop Shearling Jacket and Fur Collared Coat (perfect for this chilly weather), and not forgetting the NEW Ruffle Maxi Skirts, this collection effortlessly combines contemporary fashion with timeless charm.

Experience the allure and sophistication of London's finest hotels with 'Dorchester - Suite 17'. Embrace the classic paid design in pink and black, and indulge in the luxury and style that only Kitten D'Amour can offer. Step into the world of elegance and opulence and make a statement that captures the essence of London's capital of luxury….Ladies and Gentlemen…we give you…Dorchester - Suite 17’.


Jackie Kitten: Bust- 90cm / Waist- 73cm / Hip- 103cm / Height- 163cm

'Dorchester Suite 17' Flutter Sleeve Dress (size 8)Jackie was just delighted with the cut and fit of this fabulous design. The fabric is lightweight and flows beautifully. Jackie adores the detailed lace trim but found it a little snug around the bust. She still felt the size 8 was the perfect fit as her usual size. Jackie need's this delicious design in her Kitten wardrobe

'Dorchester Suite 17' Ruffle Sleeve Top (Check) (size 8)Beautifully fitted top, with a little puff and ruffle on the sleeve adding just a touch of wow. Jackie loves the contrast of the black sleeve and check bodice and believes it would work for so many occasions. Jackie found the top to be a very similar fit to the 'Petit Papillon' Ruffle Sleeve Top.

'Dorchester Suite 17' Skort (Black) (size 10)What a fun design with a fabulous button detail. Jackie went with a size 10 for a firm fit around her hips leaving a little extra room around her waist. This is the same size Jackie purchased in the 'Madam' Coco skort. The fabric is so soft and feels so luxurious.

'Dorchester Suite 17' Shoe (size 8.5): Gorgeous little T-bar design with fun front frill detail. Jackie found her usual size the perfect fit. The wonderful memory foam ensures that comfy shoe feel while still maintaining its elegant style.
Jackie loves the idea of a perfectly matched outfit combination.


Gabby Kitten: Bust- 90cm / Waist- 65cm / Hip- 91cm / Height- 158cm

'Dorchester Suite 17' Crossover Sparkle T-Shirt (Black) (size S): A lovely classic for your winter wardrobe. Gabby found the T-shirt to be nice and snug around the arms and a little roomy around the waist and perfect around the bust. Fuller bust Kittens will definitely enjoy the comfort of these T-shirts. And we love a bit of sparkle!!

'Dorchester Suite 17' Maxi Skirt (Check) (Size 8): This maxi is much like a wiggle skirt, really accentuating the waist to hip ratio quite nicely. Gabby isn't usually a wiggle skirt wearer but she fell in love with how easy this skirt is to walk in whilst also showing off a little bit of leg in a very tasteful manner. And the material just feels so beautiful to wear!


Tammy Kitten: Bust- 86cm / Waist- 64cm / Hip- 91cm / Height- 161cm

'Dorchester Suite 17' Classic Collar Dress (Black) (size 4): Tammy found this dress a generous fit and opted for a size 4 and it fitted perfectly with the lovely stretch. Kittens you may need to size down particularly if you are smaller in the bust and shoulders.This dress is so dreamy!

'Dorchester Suite 17' Ruffle Sleeve Top (Check) (size 6): Wow what a stunning top Kittens! Tammy wears her usual size 6 and it was a spot on!
This fabric feels soft and luxurious, with just enough stretch for a firm, comfortable fit. For kittens with a larger bust Tammy recommends sizing up one size.

'Dorchester Suite 17' Lace Up Wiggle Skirt (Check) (size 6): Like the Ruffle Top, the fabric fits like a dream! It fits nice and snug but not too tight in the hips, while a bit more generous in the waist… but it features an adjustable waist with the laces, so you can customise for a perfect fit!


Parveen Kitten: Bust- 86cm / Waist- 57cm / Hip- 92cm / Height- 157cm

'Dorchester Suite 17' Classic Collar Dress (Pink) (size 4): The material is dreamy with a linen feel and silky lining. I found this dress a more generous fit compared to the L'Avenue Dress, and a great design for Kittens with a larger bust and shoulders. For our petite framed Kittens you may need to size down!

'Dorchester Suite 17' Classic Collar Top (Black) (size 4) and 'Dorchester Suite 17' Lace Up Skort (Check) (size 4): This is a MUST have for any Kittens winter wardrobe! Perfect to pair with thick pantyhose and a coat, it's shique, feminine and bombshell all in one. The Skort has a little stretch but with an adjustable waist, I recommend opting for you usual size in Wiggle Skirts, while the top is generous especially in the bust and shoulders.


'Dorchester Suite 17' Fur Collar Coat (Tammy Size 6) (Parveen size 4): Tammy and Parveen both love the feel of this beautiful coat and the lining is so silky. It is true to size and tapers is at the waist for a flattering fit. The pink piping is the icing on the cake.

'Dorchester Suite -17' is available in-store and online now, click here!


  • Terri

    Absolutely love this collection. I had so many complements when I wore the check puff sleeve top with the maxi skirt. I felt amazing in it. The shoes are also the finishing touch to the outfit.

  • Love the flutter sleeve dress

    I love the design of the flutter sleeve dress! Always in love with the 70s style x

  • Violet

    Love this collection! So pretty~

  • Tee

    The Dorchester maxi skirt is an amazing design and an instant headturner! Easy to pair with leggings or high boots for extra warmth if needed and the slit design makes stairs very easy to navigate. Highly recommend

  • Liz Banks

    Loving the coat ladies.

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