Dreaming of a Kitten D'Amour Coat? Incorporate Vintage Glamour into your Winter Wardrobe!

The chilly afternoon breeze pushed Lily to the doorstep of Kitten D’Amour. As she peered inside, there, hanging on a rack, beckoning to her, was a coat unlike any she had seen before.  As she glanced around the boutique, more and more fabulous coats caught her eye!  Lily's heart began to flutter as she scooped up as many as she could and made her way to the dressing room.

First, the ‘D’Amour Bonaparte’ Coat. Classic black with antique brass buttons, complete with a dashing buttoned collar. This women’s military style coat harked back to the days of heroic battles and gallant gentlemen.  The fitted jacket, with beautiful tailored lines, spoke of discipline and honour, capturing the essence of history in every stitch.  The cutaway detail at the waist reminded her of a vintage waistcoat, captured her imagination as she envisioned a froth of tulle skirt, or an elegant 'Poodles in Paris' Palazzo Pant leg peeping through. Her heart leapt at the way the button jacket defined her waist so well. 

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Beside it, the ‘Dorchester Suite 17’ Fur Collar Coat exuded luxury.  Its rich, dusky pink faux fur collar and sophisticated black wool fabric enveloped her in warmth, the faux fur framing her face like a portrait.  Running a hand along the collar, she could almost feel the whispers of opulent balls and winter nights beneath the stars.

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Next was the ‘Sherlock’ Fur Collar Coat, the faux fur collar singing an air of grandeur and carrying an aura of enigma, reminiscent of 19th century London.  Fastened at the waist with three leather straps, its brown, mustard and green tartan folds retained an air of mystery that captured the essence of that era. She nestled her face into the rich green faux fur collar, closing her eyes as she pictured how beautiful it would look paired with her brown ‘Victoriana’ boots.  Her hand hovered over the accompanying ‘Sherlock’ Fur Collar Jacket.  The antique green drew her gaze and she pictured how seamlessly it would complement her vintage style wardrobe. Lovingly designed in Australia with Free Worldwide Shipping, order here

She gazed at the three ruffled ‘Poodles in Paris’ Coats, admiring them as they appeared to dance on their own.  Their luxurious ruffles flowed like gentle waterfalls, evoking the grace and beauty of an age of refinement.  It was as though these coats held secrets of romantic rendezvous and tender confessions within their layers.  Three beautiful colours called to her – the delectable burgundy red, the dusky pink, the classic black – how would she ever choose?

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But the true marvel was the bustled coat at the end, the ‘D’Amour Empire Bustle Coat’, an epitome of the Victorian era’s grandeur.  The cascading bustle, further emphasised with a belt cinched in at the waist, created a silhouette that spoke of elegance and drama, capturing the imaginations of all who beheld it.  This coat was a window to a world of horse-drawn carriages, candlelit parlours, and whispered conversations behind lace fans.

She gazed at each coat as if it were a dear friend, dreamily, imagining vivid tales of the lives that could have brushed against vintage coats such as these over the decades.

As she slipped the ‘D’Amour Empire Bustle Coat’ on, Lily felt an immediate sense of comfort and belonging. It was as if the coat had been tailor-made for her. The way it hugged her shoulders and defined her waist, the length that grazed her knees – it was perfection. Lily twirled in front of the mirror, the coat swaying gracefully with her every movement. The decision was clear; this was the winter coat she had been searching for.

Lovingly designed in Australia with Free Worldwide Shipping, order here



  • Madeleine

    Love the green, pink and black, just wished the boots fit me too!

  • Astyork

    Your blog post on incorporating vintage glamour into winter wardrobes with kitten coats is simply fabulous! The styling tips and elegant visuals are truly inspiring.

  • Debra

    I love this design very elegant

  • Meg

    The design of these coats and jackets are so beautiful and gorgeous! Love the attention to detail and how true they are to the theme of the collection. So many options to pick from too!! The pink shades especially are such a lovely tone

  • Kath

    I’ve just received my Empire Bustle coat, and it’s amazing. The quality of the fabric and workmanship is very high, and it fits so well. It’s such a fabulous addition to my wardrobe. The timeless design means that I will be able to wear it for years to come.

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