'Florentine' Outfit Inspiration and Sizing Guide!

Ah, the sight of lavender in Spring!

Imagine a beautiful field in the Italian countryside, positively blooming with lavender flowerets as far as the eye can see. Golden sunlight bathes your face as you stroll through the blossoms, a picture of perfection worthy of any museum. You are adorned in the opulent 'Florentine' collection, and with each step, the fabrics sway, as if in tune with the natural symphony around you.

Your outfit today is the utterly charming 'Florentine' Brocade Bustier Day Dress, a beautiful piece featuring a captivating sweetheart neckline adorned with intricate purple lace. A plush velvet bow adds that extra touch of elegance, while the full skirt billows ever so gracefully with each step you take through the lavender fields. As you move, you appreciate the practicality of side seam pockets, and you revel in the comfort of the full lining and subtle stretch of the fabric.

With each step you feel even more enchanted by countryside off of Emilia-Romagna, transformed by the romance around you...

A gentle breeze stirs up the aroma of lavender around you, and as it passes you find yourself now in the 'Florentine' Classic Bustle Wiggle Skirt. Figure-hugging yet generously accommodating, the tailored waistband emphasizes your silhouette as the pleated bustle at the back dances with the wind, as does the cascading ruffle of your 'Florentine' Frill Front Blouse made of sumptuous deep purple satin.

This is the 'Florentine' experience—each piece meticulously designed to make you feel as if you're part of a grander tapestry; one where femininity, freedom, and fashion collide.

Join the Kittens of Kitten D'Amour as they try on their favourite designs from 'Florentine'


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Tash Kitten: Bust- 94cm / Waist- 71cm / Hips- 106cm / Height- 161cm 

'Florentine' Waist Coat (8): Tash chose a size 8 in the ‘Florentine’ Waist Coat and layered it on top of her 'Florentine' Corset for a more fitted look. She loved how the waist coat gave her a beautiful cinched waist, and the way the 'Florentine' Corset peeped through at the bottom.

'Florentine' Classic Bustle Wiggle Skirt (12): Tash wore size 12 in this design. She says that this size fits perfectly on her hips, but does leave a little room around her waist.  She loves the Bustle detail!

'Florentine' Brocade Bustier Day Dress (10): Tash chose a size 10 in this design. She recommends sizing up if you are bustier. She says this size fits perfectly around the bust, but was a little roomy around the waist - which was easily fixable with a belt! This dress, paired with the 'Florentine' Waist Coat, was one of Tash's favourites in this collection due to its timeless and classic silhouette. 

'Florentine' Corset (10):  Tash adores the velvet bows on this Corset!  She found the corset to be true to size and adored the endless outfit possibilities it held.  

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Maria Kitten: Bust- 83cm / Waist- 72cm / Hips- 96cm / Height- 162cm 

'Florentine' Waist Coat (6): Maria is wearing a size 6 as she found the Waist Coat a generous fit. For this reason Maria recommends sizing down, especially if you are in between sizes. The gorgeous detailing with the peplum is extremely flattering. The buckle detail on the side that you are able to adjust if you are between sizes is a favourite feature for Maria. 

'Florentine' Pant (8): Maris is wearing her usual size 8 and found they were true to size. The waist band has no stretch so possibly consider sizing up if you are between sizes. The bootcut leg creates volume at the bottom, and with the nipped in waist, it is a great silhouette with this high waisted 'Florentine' Pant. 

'Florentine' Corset (8): Maria wears a size 8 in this gorgeous 'Florentine' Corset. So many details to love, with the velvet trim and the brocade fabric, this is a must-have statement piece from the collection. The steel-boning within this Corset moulds to your shape and gives you that effortless hourglass figure. This is definitely one of Maria's favourites from 'Florentine'. 

'Florentine' Classic Bustle Wiggle Skirt (8):  Maria wears a size 8 in this stunning Wiggle Skirt. Very true to size and has a lovely stretch allowing you to get that perfectly nipped in waist. The bustle feature is always a favourite of Maria's and really is such a stunning detail that makes this skirt pop!

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Tammy Kitten: Bust- 86cm / Waist- 64cm / Hips- 91cm / Height- 161cm 

'Florentine' Wiggle Dress (4): Tammy is wearing a size 4. If you are between sizes, Tammy suggests sizing down. This brocade fabric has lovely stretch so it has little wiggle room. Tammy also loves her Wiggle Dresses to be snug and to hug in all the right places. She found the neckline very flattering, and loves the detailing on the shoulder.

'Florentine' Brocade Bustier Day Dress (4): Tammy wears a size 4 in this beautiful design. This pretty dress has a lovely stretch and room at the waist, so size down if you are in between sizes. Tammy has styled this ensemble with the Charm School belt and a petticoat to cinch and define the waist.

'Florentine' Classic Bustle Wiggle Skirt (6): Tammy wears a size 6 and loved the fit. This is Tammy Kitten's usual size for a wiggle skirt. Again, she absolutely adores how this beautiful brocade fabric has stretch and makes for a comfortable fit. The design of the 'Florentine' Classic Bustle Wiggle Skirt has a lovely elegance and such a classic vintage feel --  Tammy Kitten can't help but fall in love with it!

'Florentine' Frill Front Blouse (4):  Tammy wears a size 4 in this stunning blouse as she found it quite generous, particularly around the bust. The fabric feels beautiful on the skin, and the pretty peek-a-boo frill with velvet ribbon makes the piece look chic! Tammy Kitten adores the 'Florentine' Collection, and how it embraces feminine sophistication. x

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Mandie Kitten: Bust- 101cm / Waist- 80cm / Hips- 108cm / Height- 168cm 

'Florentine' Brocade Bustier Day Dress (10): Mandie took her usual size in this design, and she fell in love with this beautiful Day Dress. The size 10 was a perfect fit around her bust but she had a little extra room in the waist, if you are smaller in the bust, you could certainly size down.

'Florentine' Pant (12): Mandie would generally wear a size 12 in a Wiggle due to her pear shape, but found the pants to have a little extra room and feels that sizing down to a 10 would have given a better fit.

'Florentine' Frill Front Blouse (10): This blouse is one of Mandie's favourite styles, she simply loves the ruffle along the neckline. Mandie found this to be true to size and went with her normal size 10.

'Florentine' Corset (10):  Mandie loves the smooth lines and shape that the corset provides when worn and Mandie is wearing a size 10 which is her normal size. 

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Kate Kitten: Bust- 113cm / Waist- 92cm / Hips- 111cm / Height- 165cm 

'Florentine' Brocade Wiggle Dress (14) & 'Florentine' Classic Bustle Wiggle Skirt (14): Kate found the 'Florentine' Brocade Wiggle Dress and the 'Florentine' Classic Bustle Wiggle Skirt very comfortable and true to size. Kate can sometimes size up in Wiggle Designs for easy movement, but in 'Florentine' she had lots of room to move! Kate found the bust of the 'Florentine' Brocade Wiggle Dress very flattering and supportive for her larger cup size. She notes it gives wonderful shape and lift, but doesn't squish or spill over, an excellent choice for a larger bust size! 

'Florentine' Frill Front Blouse (14): Kate wears the size 14 in the 'Florentine' Frill Front Blouse, but does note it is quite roomy and if it wasn't for her bust she would have found the size 12 a great fit! Kate recommends that if you do not need the bust room, you can certainly size down. 

'Florentine' Waist Coat (12): The size 12 in the 'Florentine' Waist Coat was Kate's perfect fit and her top pick! She prefers a firmer fit on designs that highlight the waist and found the size 12 offered great shape on the waist but had enough room for her bust (without feeling squished). The buttons on the 'Florentine' Waistcoat are very secure and provide lots of support for her bustline. 

'Florentine' Pant (14):  Kate says WOW to the 'Florentine' Pants! Her surprise must have from the 'Florentine' collection! She notes the fabric feels amazing on and they sit at just the right height for her shorter torso. You won't often find Kate in anything but her 'Palazzo' Pants...but she's made an exception for this gorgeous Design! She notes they shape her beautifully and the belt adds that waist-defining finish. 

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  • Joanne Goh

    Love the Florentine series as it’s such a classy purple. Great for work event or special event.

  • Monique Marroquin

    The Florentine wiggle dress is my absolute favourite! I love the colour, fit and fabric. Well done, Kitten D’Amour!

  • Monique Marroquin

    The Florentine wiggle dress is my absolute favourite! I love the colour, fit and fabric. Well done, Kitten D’Amour!

  • Monique Marroquin

    The Florentine wiggle dress is my absolute favourite! I love the colour, fit and fabric. Well done, Kitten D’Amour!

  • Jess

    I absolutely love this collection, the purple is absolutely stunning and it’s very Victorian and beautiful!!!!

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