'Heiress' Outfit Inspiration and Size Guide!

Veronique, the epitome of French glamour in the 1920s, stood before her mirror, clad in her dramatic ‘Heiress’ Lace Wiggle Skirt, which hugged her curves like a second skin. From the ballroom below she could hear the murmur of voices and the intoxicating scent of French perfume. Veronique's eyes sparkled as she laced her ‘Heiress’ Corset, embroidered in a dramatic blue on black tulle, accentuating her hourglass figure to perfection.  Turning her back to the mirror to peer over her shoulder, she was thrilled to see how striking she appeared, with her dramatic turquoise blue corset lacing, and the flouncy skirt bustle topped with a matching turquoise blue velvet bow!

The night was New Year's Eve, and Lady Olive Baillie's castle shimmered with the promise of a night to remember. Veronique, a French heiress with a penchant for drama, was a regular at Lady Baillie's legendary parties. The castle, meticulously restored in 1920s art deco style, provided the perfect backdrop for the extravagance of the Roaring Twenties.

As the clock ticked closer to midnight, Veronique descended the grand marble staircase, her ‘Heiress’ Wiggle Skirt swaying with every step. Ostrich feathers adorned her hair, adding a touch of whimsy to her ensemble. The Great Gatsby's spirit seemed to linger in the air, weaving a tapestry of glamour, drama, and decadence.

The ballroom was a sea of wiggle dresses, ball gowns and tailored tuxedos, the air alive with laughter and the jazzy tunes of the Charleston. Lady Olive, the enchanting hostess, moved gracefully through the crowd, her charisma drawing in Hollywood's elite, including the likes of Douglas Fairbanks and Charlie Chaplin.  Her ‘Heiress’ Gown clung to her curves, drawing admiring glances in her wake.

Veronique found herself captivated by the festivities, the velvet drapes and gilded decor creating an atmosphere of opulence. The grandeur of the castle was mirrored in the flamboyant fashion choices of the guests – ostrich feather hair clips, velvet bows, and the glint of pearls.  Veronique gasped as a glamorous woman whirled past in her ‘Heiress’ Ruffle Bustier and ‘D’Amour Birdsnest’ Skirt, awestruck at her beauty in the entrancing ensemble.

As the clock struck midnight, the crowd erupted in cheers and champagne toasts. Veronique, swept up in the jubilation, found herself dancing the Charleston with a dashing young gentleman. The night unfolded in a whirlwind of feathers, champagne, and the promise of a new year filled with endless possibilities.

Lady Olive Baillie's New Year's Eve soirees became legendary, a testament to an era where the rich and powerful sought refuge from the constraints of tradition. Amid the shimmering lights and lively rhythms, Veronique embodied the spirit of the Bright Young Things, a symbol of an age where glamour and freedom reigned supreme.

Join the Online Kittens as they try on the beautiful ‘Heiress’ designs for you – and stay tuned for additional Try On Photos from our Boutique Kittens later this week!


Kerryn Kitten:  Bust: 93 cm / Waist: 77 cm / Hips: 108 cm / Height: 168 cm

‘Heiress’ Lace Dress (10): Kerryn loved this design!  She adored the off-shoulder design and found the lace sleeves to be perfectly comfortable – soft and secure, without being too firm.  She wore a ‘Vintage Classic’ petticoat with this design and would recommend adding a second for added fullness! She wore her usual size 10 in this design for a perfect comfortable fit.

‘Heiress’ Corset (10): Kerryn wore a size 10 in the Heiress Corset, and absolutely loved the cinched in waist it gave her – she’d wear it every day if she could!  This dramatic corset was Kerryn’s top pick, and she will be wearing this design with her ‘D’Amour Birdsnest’ Skirt to see in the New Year!  She adores the Corset Box this design is presented in - just beautiful!

‘D’Amour Birdnest Skirt (10): A Kitten D’Amour classic, the ‘D’Amour Birdnest' Skirt is a must-have for your special events!  Kerryn wore her usual size 10 and hitched her skirt high at the front, while the 'Vintage Classic' Petticoat was worn underneath for additional fullness.   

'Heiress' Feather Hair Clip: Kerryn felt oh-so-glamorous wearing the 'Heiress' Feather Hair Clip, as it added the perfect 1920s flair to her ensembles!  

Millie Kitten: Bust 89cm / Waist 66cm / Hip 96cm / Height 160cm

Heiress’ Classic Bow Dress (6): Millie Kitten loved the elegant style of this beautiful black dress! The size 6 was the perfect fit, cinching in like a dream at her waist and she loved how comfortable the fabric was. The cross-over bow straps are a stunning accessory to this classic design!

‘Heiress’ Wiggle Dress (6): The wiggle style is a personal favourite of Millie Kitten's and the jaw-dropping 'Heiress Wiggle Dress' is no exception! Form-fitting but not restricting, Millie Kitten wore her standard size 6 in this design.

‘Heiress’ Gown (6): Millie Kitten fell in love with this stunning gown! She felt like an Heiress attending a grand party! The size 6 was another wonderful fit, though she did note that it was slightly tighter just under the bust.

Mandie Kitten: Bust- 100cm / Waist- 80cm / Hips- 109cm / Height- 168cm 

Heiress’ Maxi Dress (12): Mandie Kitten fell in love with the ‘Heiress’ Maxi Dress, adoring the beautiful hourglass shape it gave her.  Mandie suggests sizing up in this beautiful design due to the delicate nature of the beautiful soft tulle, as there is very little stretch.

The 'Heiress' Maxi Dress will be Mandie's top pick for New Year's Eve!

'Heiress' Ruffle Bustier (12): Mandie loved how beautifully the 'Heiress' Ruffle Bustier paired with the full skirt, giving the illusion of a dress.  Mandie chose the size 12 in this design, as again due to the delicate nature of the beautiful soft tulle, there is very little stretch.

'Heiress' Full Skirt (12): Mandie adored the 'Heiress' Full Skirt!  She wore her Vintage Classic Petticoat under for added fullness.  Mandie wore a size 12 and felt the waistband on the skirt was a little snug. She would recommend sizing up if you are between sizes due to the lack of stretch.


  • Satu

    I love this dress, so beautiful.

  • M C

    That shade of blue is so stunning, I need one of those dresses!

  • Edith

    My dad bought the ‘Heiress’ Classic Bow Dress for Christmas 🎄 . I love ❤️ this black dress.

  • Danielle

    Such a beautiful collection! I loved the bustier, so tempted by the skirt. Such powerful colours and I love the use of mesh on the sleeves! ❤️

  • Angela

    This dress looks incredible on her!

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