“Kiss Me Again Darling”泳装尺码指南 - 以 Mandie Kitten 为特色!

你好小猫! Mandie 回来与您分享她对令人惊艳的全新“Kiss Me Again Darling”泳装的尺码建议!

曼迪小猫三围:胸围:98cm 腰围:80cm 臀围:106cm 身高:168cm

穿着与她在“海边”泳装中相同的 12 (L) 码。 Mandie 发现胸部经过改进的新罩杯更舒适,腿部有一点额外空间适合曲线优美的小猫!

配备可调节肩带和全新改进的胸罩!我们建议选择与您在“By The Sea”泳装中相同的尺码。胸围较大的女士们,我们已经将胸围调整得更宽松一点,所以我们知道这将是您最喜欢的款式!



  • Annette

    I haven’t purchased a swimsuit for a while but loved this style when I saw it, being a bit of a fan of a one piece. Did not disappoint. Comfortable, great coverage and a great fit in normal sizing. I also got the “Snake and Ladders Onepiece” just in case the style didn’t suite but had nothing to worry about. More swimwear please!

  • Annette

    I saw this design and loved it. I’m not huge on going to the beach as I’ve never really found anything that I’ve been comfortable in. But this style and shape made me feel so comfortable and confident. It’s great around the legs if your body shape is more “pear” than “hourglass” and incredibly flattering. Love it!

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