Kitten D'Amour: All New Denim Size Guide!

Embracing Vintage Denim: Effortless Pinup Style

A Pin-Up Silhouette:

Pinup fashion has an undeniable allure—a perfect blend of sexiness and sophistication that continues to captivate hearts even after all these years. But what exactly gives pinups their timeless appeal? It's all in the silhouette!  Vintage-style jeans are the unsung heroes of the pinup world. With their high-waisted design, these bottoms accentuate curves and hips, channelling that iconic 1950s, 60s, and 70s silhouette that remains etched in fashion history.

Channelling Iconic It-Girls

For those who admire the effortless chic of It-Girls like Brigitte Bardot and Audrey Hepburn, vintage denim is an endless source of inspiration. Vintage denim embodies a sense of lived-in authenticity, effortlessly chic and versatile enough for everyday wear.

If you envy the feminine, 50s fashion for women, but don’t always want to wear a dress or a circle skirt with high heels, then you’ve come to the right place. 50s fashion for women wasn’t only about dresses and skirts. Although new, jeans were fast becoming a fashion staple and helped gain popularity after being worn by 50s icons like Marilyn Monroe and Grace Kelly. The secret? It’s all about the fit, the shoes, a great top, and, of course, a defined waist. Add a cute belt and a red lipstick and you’ll be as iconic as Audrey!

Shop Audrey's look here

Understanding Your Body Type: Tips for the Perfect Fit!

Whether you opt for the wide-legged allure of the ‘Tennessee’ Jeans, the utilitarian 70s cool of 'El Dorado' Jeans, adorned with exposed hardware, or the figure-flattering silhouette of the 'Boston' Corset Jeans, the key is finding a style that not only fits well but also complements your lifestyle.

Understanding your body type is essential for finding jeans that accentuate your best features. Consider the following guidelines:

Hourglass: Highlight your well-defined waist with high-rise jeans and opt for styles that emphasize your curves, such as skinny or bootcut jeans.

Pear: Balance your proportions by choosing jeans with a wider leg or flared bottom. Aim for a mid-rise to create a more streamlined silhouette. 

Apple: Select jeans with a higher rise to provide support and create a smoother appearance around the waist. Opt for straight or wide-leg jeans to achieve sleek lines and a classic profile.

Athletic/Rectangular: Accentuate your toned figure with slim-fitting jeans that hug your curves. Look for styles with a touch of stretch for added comfort and flexibility.


Introducing the all-new Kitten D’Amour Denim!

‘El Dorado’ Jeans:

Drawing inspiration from the iconic fashion of the 1970s, the 'El Dorado' Jeans boast tabbed pockets and exposed zips, complemented by an embellished button fly. High-waisted, and embracing the hip hugger trend, they offer a wide leg for a stylish and nostalgic look.

'El Dorado' Jeans: Adrienne and Tash Kittens wear a size 12, and Kay Kitten wears a size 4. 

‘Tennessee’ Jeans:

Fancy a more relaxed jean? The classic ‘Tennessee’ Jeans are a full-length, wide-leg design! We love the ever-so-slight faded distressing on the front leg, for a vintage-style look. The ‘Tennessee’ Jeans feature a wider leg and a high waist and are the perfect choice for day and night.

'Tennessee' Jeans: Adrienne Kitten wears a size 14, and Kay Kitten wears a size 4. 


'Boston Corset' Jeans:

Designed with an ultra-high waistband ideal for tucking in your favourite Kitten D'Amour Tops and offering extra shaping support. Vertical panelling accents create a flattering 'corset' effect, accentuating your waistline. These elegant jeans boast a full-length, skinny-cut design for a sleek silhouette.

'Boston Corset' Jeans: Adrienne Kitten wears a size 14, and Kay Kitten wears a size 4. 


'Tennessee' Jeans and 'Memphis' Jeans: Tash Kitten wear a size 10.


Here's what our Kittens had to say about the fit of their Kitten Denim!

Adrienne Kitten (Bust 114cm / Waist 93cm / Hip 119cm / Height 169cm):

Oh, the excitement! Are there any denim jeans as fabulous as those from Kitten D’Amour?

Denim jeans paired with a chic top are my ultimate go-to outfit. Although, deciding between the ‘Tennessee’, ‘El Dorado’, or ‘Boston’ Corset Jeans will be quite challenging!

Each pair boasts glorious stretch, offering unparalleled comfort and a figure-flattering fit. Typically, I fluctuate between size 12 and 14 in Kitten D’Amour designs. I found the 14s in the ‘Boston Corset’ Jeans and ‘Tennessee’ Jeans to be true to my "normal" size, while in the ‘El Dorado’ Jeans, I sized down to the 12s. If you're between sizes, or pear shaped, I'd recommend choosing the larger size in the 'El Dorado' jeans though. I'm certain these jeans will receive plenty of love and quality wear time! 

And let's not forget about the cardigans, scarves, and berets... OH MY! Kitten D’Amour's comfy clothing and accessories are my ultimate weakness. Count me in if it’s cute, blingy, and/or matching!

I adore all the colours of the ‘D’Amour Dickens’ Cardigans and relish the cropped waist style. These cardigans will pair perfectly with countless outfits, including dresses, skirts, and jeans! Their versatility is truly unmatched.

Typically wearing a size 12-14 in Kitten D’Amour, I usually opt for a size up in cardigans, which usually lands me at a Large. However, with the ‘D’Amour Dickens’ cardigans, I've chosen a Medium (average 12/14 equivalent) as I found the Large to be quite generous in the arms and bust. As I am broad and muscular, I sometimes struggle to feel comfortable and confident in silhouette-defining outfits, but I simply couldn’t resist all these pretty colours and matching accessories!



Kay Kitten (Bust: 79cm / Waist: 65.5cm / Hip:  91cm / Height: 172cm)

The 'El Dorado' Jeans in size 4 were extremely comfortable and fitted snugly at the waist and hips. She did feel like she would’ve been able to size up for a more comfortable fit, however she loves her denim firm! Kay Kitten has never seen a design like this before!  What caught her eye initially was the unique design of the pockets—there were six functioning pockets in total, (yes, six!) which sold her on the jeans!

The 'Boston Corset' Jeans in size 4 fit Kay like a dream! At first, she wondered how she would fit into these tiny, tiny jeans… but she found that these incredible jeans have a LOT of stretch! She notes that these jeans are extremely high-waisted (which she LOVES!)   The high waist snatched in her waistline, accentuating her curves beautifully. If you're a fan of high-waisted jeans, these are a must-have!

Kay Kitten found the 'Tennessee' Jeans to be exceptionally comfortable. Unlike the other two styles where she considered sizing up, this style, in her usual size 4 felt just right. She appreciated the slightly flared leg and the stylish look they offered. Plus, she loved how they gave her little booty a boost!




Tash Kitten (Bust: 92cm / Waist: 69cm / Hip: 104cm / Height: 163cm)

Tash absolutely adores the stretch in Kitten D’Amour denim! With her particularly hourglass figure, she found that the stretch allowed her to accommodate her tiny waist and her curvy bottom effortlessly.

While opting for a size 12 in the ‘El Dorado’ jeans, Tash discovered that the size 10 was ideal in both the ‘Tennessee’ and ‘Memphis’ styles.

Tash was smitten with the look of cuffing the ‘Memphis’ Jeans, feeling a little bit like Audrey Hepburn. This was the perfect solution, as she found the legs a tad long for her frame.

When it comes to tops, Tash generally wears a size 8, but she found the XS to be the perfect fit in the Kitten D'Amour cardigans. She loves the classic vintage look she was able to achieve by pairing the cardigans with a cozy beret.


Effortlessly Alluring with Kitten D’Amour Denim

With Kitten D'Amour denim featuring a hint of spandex, you'll find yourself reaching for your favourite pair day and night, effortlessly embodying the allure of the vintage pinup girl!







  • Edith
    the ‘El Dorado’ Jeans I like very much. I tried them on and now I am saving 😋

  • VanessaK

    I love my kitten jeans, also love the new wider leg and belt loops. Will you be doing the Tulsa jeans as I adore mine … also looking forward to getting me some El Dorado jeans
    Adrienne looking gorgeous as always 💕

  • Jenny B

    I love my Kitten Jeans. Can you have too many?

  • Megan Colgan

    What a great guide! Thank you Kittens. I love the corset top so flattering!

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