'La Luna' Outfit Inspiration and Sizing Guide!

Beneath a velvet midnight hue, 
'La Luna' whispers tales anew.
Ladies dance, hands entwine,
Underneath the moon's soft shine.

 Mysteries draped in laced thread, 
Dreams of a time not yet led.
Await the magic soon to unveil, 
A dance, a dream, a moonlit tale.


She crept silently towards the glade, drawn by the silvery peals of laughter, as if under a spell.  

The women dancing in the moonlight wore the most beautiful of vintage style dresses - a breathtaking testament to their whimsical nature. Each style of 'La Luna' gown they wore was a work of art, crafted with exquisite attention to detail and created with delicate materials that seemed to capture the very essence of moonlight.

One wore a long gown, the ruffles and draped fabric flowing gracefully around her lithe form. The La Luna’ Floral Maxi Dress, created in fabric as soft and luxurious as the finest silk, was kissed by the silvery glow of the moon, giving it an otherworldly shimmer. Another wore a vintage style gown created in intricate lace, which traced delicate patterns across her curves, resembling the frost that adorned the world on a cold winter's morning. The ‘La Luna’ Lace Maxi Dress was like no dress she’d ever seen before.

Ruffles of sheer tulle spilled down from their shoulders, creating an illusion of delicate wings. The ruffles fluttered and swirled as the dancers moved, like the gossamer wings of butterflies in flight. Each layer of tulle added to the dreamlike quality of their ‘La Luna’ Wiggle Dresses, as if they were wrapped in layers of moonlit mist, while the figure-hugging skirts only accentuated their movements, cinching their waists, and skimming perfectly over their hips.

Their pleated skirts billowed out over layers of petticoats, like a cloud of moonbeams, and with each twirl, the skirts took on a life of their own, dancing in harmony with the women who wore them. Ruffles and laces adorned their 'La Luna' Dancing Girl Skirts, capturing the soft glow of the moon's light and reflecting it in a mesmerizing display of luminescence.

Blossoms adorned their hair, which cascaded like silken waterfalls.  The women were a vision of elegance and enchantment, their ‘La Luna’ designs a reflection of the magical world they inhabited. As they danced in the moonlight, their gowns seemed to come alive, mirroring the beauty and grace of the dancers themselves. They danced for the love they felt for the moon, for the ancient trees that whispered secrets, and for the magic that flowed through their very beings. With each graceful step, they felt their spirits soar higher, bridging the gap between the earthly realm and the mystical world beyond.

As she took her place amongst them, twirling with joy at the way her dress flew around her, she knew she had indeed fallen under the spell of the moon… with ‘La Luna!

Join the Kittens of Kitten D'Amour as they try on their favourite designs from 'La Luna'... featuring our Special VIK Guest Monique Kitten! 

Monique Kitten: Bust 98cm / Waist 84.5cm / Hip 110cm / Height 164cm

Monique loved ‘La Luna’!  If she were to close her eyes she could see herself on a moonlit picnic in the Swedish countryside.  She found the print to be utterly captivating and loved the print placement on all the designs.  We’d like to thank Monique Kitten for contributing to our Sizing Guide.  You look beautiful, Monique!

‘La Luna’ Wiggle Dress (Size 14): Monique loves to wear a Wiggle Dress and the ‘La Luna’ Wiggle Dress is no exception!  She opted for a size 14, which is her usual size for a Wiggle Dress, and found it to be a firm fit for a very structured style, with minimal stretch.  She adored the print placement and felt that the sheer neckline and fluttery sleeves were flattering and elegant! 

La Luna’ Lace Blouse (Smokey blue) (Size 12): Monique loved the ‘La Luna’ Lace Top! She particularly loved the beautiful eyelash lace detail on the sleeve and over the bust area, which she felt had such an elegant feel.  She loved the shortened length of the top, which could be worn tucked in, or even worn out with her D’Amour Denim.  She found this top to be a firm fit and recommends sizing up if you prefer a looser fit.

‘La Luna’ Dancing Girl Skirt (Size 12): Monique just adored this skirt – she said it was gorgeous, and the print just divine.  She felt that the beautiful garland detail on the waistband really added a point of difference.  Monique’s usual size in a full skirt would be size 12. She found the waistband on the skirt to be very firm and loved how it really cinched in her waist, however she recommends sizing up if you prefer a looser fit.

‘La Luna’ Floral Garland Stripe Dress (Size 12): This beautiful dress took Monique by surprise!  She absolutely loved the silhouette and how the wide waistband cinched in the waist.  She also loved the pleated skirt and the wider straps.  Monique wore a size 12 – her usual size for a full-dress design and found it to be a comfortable fit around the waist.  She loved the feel of the cotton.


Mandie Kitten: Bust- 101cm / Waist- 80cm / Hips- 108cm / Height- 168cm 

'La Luna' Floral Maxi Dress (Size 10):   Mandie loved the whimsical style of this Maxi dress. She thought the beautiful ruffles on the sleeves and the print were divine. The size 10 in this stunning Maxi was a beautiful fit! If you are bigger than Mandie in the hips you may like to size up for a little extra room. 

'La Luna' Wiggle Dress (12): Mandie loved the vintage glamour of this wiggle dress. This wiggle hugs your curves beautifully and the print is beautiful. The sheer tulle neckline and ruffle sleeves are the perfect finishing touch to this design!  Mandie generally wears a 12 in wiggles due to her pear shape and this was a perfect fit!

'La Luna' Lace Top (Pink) (Size 10): This beautiful Lace Top will certainly be added to Mandie's Kitten D'Amour wardrobe as she loves the little flutter sleeve and beautiful button detail. Mandie found this design to be true to size, and loved the beautiful soft lace and added singlet.

'La Luna' Trumpet Skirt (Size 12): Mandie is wearing a size 12 in this beautiful skirt, and found the fit to be perfect. Mandie just loves the layers of ruffles. 

'La Luna' Lace Maxi Dress (Size 10): The Lace Maxi dress became one of Mandie's absolute favourite designs. Mandie is wearing a size 10 but suggests if you are smaller in the bust you might like to size down for a firmer fit. The Lace is so soft and beautiful.


Millie Kitten: Bust 89cm / Waist 64cm / Hip 94cm / Height 160cm

‘La Luna’ Floral Garland Stripe Dress (Size 6): Millie Kitten loved the cross-over design of the 'La Luna Floral Garland Stripe Dress', finding a comfortable amount of room in the bust. She wore a size 6 in this design but found there was a little extra room in the waist and felt like she could size down to a size 4 and still feel amazing!

‘La Luna’ Long Sleeve Top (Smokey Blue) (Size 6):  The 'La Luna Long Sleeve Top (Smokey Blue) is a personal favourite for Millie Kitten. The size 6 was a perfect fit and the smokey blue colour is divine! 

'La Luna' Lace Blouse (Smokey Blue) (size 6): Millie Kitten loved the frills and collar of the 'La Luna Lace Blouse (Smokey Blue)! The size 6 was another perfect fit and she appreciated that it was a button-up top.

'La Luna’ Trumpet Skirt (Size 6): Pairing the 'La Luna' Tops with the ‘La Luna' Trumpet Skirt creates the perfect combination! She found the size 6 a firm fit, but once it was on it felt beautiful!


Kerryn Kitten: Bust 99cm / Waist 79cm / Hip 109cm / Height 168cm

‘La Luna’ Dress (Size 10): This dress was another that Kerryn adored!  She found this dress to be true to size and loved the flattering fit and, as always, the side pockets!  She loved how it looked with a petticoat for added fullness.

‘La Luna’ Floral Garland Stripe Dress (Size 10): Kerryn fell in love with the flattering fit of the ‘La Luna’ Floral Garland Stripe Dress.  She felt that the wide waistband nipped in her waist, and the crossover neckline was comfortable and roomy enough for her bust. She found this dress to be true to size and wore a petticoat for added fullness.

‘La Luna’ Peek-A-Boo Top (Size 12): Kerryn adored the fit and feel of this top, especially the beautiful print and the lace sleeve and neckline.  She found this top to be true to size.  This one will be coming home with her!

‘La Luna’ Dancing Girl Skirt (Size 12): This gorgeous skirt is Kerryn’s favourite design, a ‘must-have’! She wore her regular size 12 and loves the contrasting waistband, which she felt emphasised her waist nicely.  She wore a petticoat for added fullness.

‘La Luna’ Lace Top (Green) (Size 10): Kerryn found this gorgeous ‘La Luna’ Lace Top to be super stretchy.  She would normally choose a size 12 in tops, to allow for room for her bust, but was able to size down to a 10 in this one.  She loves the flattering sleeve and the neckline at the back of the top.  She will be adding one of every colour to her shopping cart!

‘La Luna’ Floral Garland Full Skirt (Size 12): Kerryn always loves a full skirt, and the ‘La Luna’ Floral Garland Full Skirt is no exception.  She loves the potential this skirt has to be paired with so many of her Kitten D’Amour designs and was thrilled to discover concealed pockets!  She found this skirt to be true to size and wore a petticoat for added fullness.

La Luna’ Brooch: Kerryn loved the ‘La Luna’ brooch and chose to pin it to her ‘Regency’ Pearls to create a lovely necklace.  The ‘La Luna’ Brooch was the perfect finishing touch!



Peta Kitten: Bust 94cm / Waist 75cm / Hip 91cm / Height 164cm

‘La Luna’ Floral Garland Stripe Dress (Size 8): Peta Kitten found this dress to be true to size, wearing her usual size 8. There was still space available in the bust area for those with more blessings than a C cup. This beauty also comes with pockets! The beautiful garland print fabric has spandex to offer a touch of stretch and once again the lining is a cotton blend making this a good choice for the warmer months ahead.


‘La Luna’ Dress (Size 8): Peta found this beautiful dress true to her usual size 8. The delicate lace was a bit stretchy while the soft elastic trim to the sleeves keeping them in place. Once again, we can find hidden pockets and a lovely velvet ribbon trim. The highlight of this dress however is the gorgeous print!  Such a statement piece is finished with gorgeous, square-shaped back. There is a little stretch in the cotton blend fabric and the whole design is lined with a cotton blend keeping it cool for those warm nights filled with moonlight.

 ‘La Luna’ Floral Garland Ruffle Singlet (Size 10): Peta Kitten sized up from her usual size 8 for this one. The Bamboo/Cotton/Lycra blend feels supportive but oh-so-soft. The delicate lace trim is such a lovely decorative touch finished with a velvet bow.

‘La Luna’ Circle Lace Skirt (Size 8): Peta found this skirt true to size. Constructed with beautiful lace soft to touch, lined with a lightweight polyester making it a perfect summer weight.




  • Yvette

    These soft blue shades are just wonderful.

  • Debbie Stinchcombe

    Just love the garland stripe dress reminds me of a little Dutch girl

  • Jasmin

    I love this collection!! So pretty and unique, makes you all look like fairies out of a story book!

  • Ingrid King

    La Luna Lace Top in Blue size 14. This top is so gorgeous and the button detail just makes it so special. Fits beautifully.

  • Ingrid

    I bought the La Luna Floral Maci Size 12 which is just beautiful. The slight stretch on the bodice ensures a lovely fit. I also bought the La Luna Smoky Blue Lace Blouse size 14 – this has a lovely scalloped bottom edge/hem.

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