'Le Jardin' Outfit Inspiration and Sizing Guide!


She had always loved garden tea parties, and this one promised to be particularly enchanting. The sun was shining, casting a warm, golden glow over the lush, blooming gardens, so reminiscent of a Monet painting, and the air was filled with the sweet fragrance of roses and freshly brewed tea. But it was her dress that she was most excited about - a beautiful, long floral gown in vintage duck egg blues, pinks and plums, the flowing tiers trimmed with intricate braid. She swept through the garden soiree, the vintage style dress's soft, flowing fabric rustling with every step.

As she made her way through the garden, she couldn't help but notice the admiring glances from the other guests. The dress was a vision among the blossoms, and she felt like the garden's most enchanted bloom.

And then, their eyes locked. He was tall, impeccably dressed in a crisp suit, and his gaze met hers across the garden. She felt a rush of warmth and connection, as if the garden itself had conspired to bring them together. They stood there for a timeless moment, their eyes communicating a silent, unspoken connection that left her heart fluttering.

The tea party continued around them, but in that moment, it felt as though they were the only two people in the world, lost in their own little oasis of enchantment. Her dress had drawn his attention, and in return, his gaze had cast a spell on her, making this garden tea party truly magical.


Spring is in the air, the perfect season for channelling vintage glamour in a gorgeous floral print!  Slip into the 'Le Jardin' Maxi Dress and become the living muse in your very own Monet masterpiece, where the vibrant colours and delicate florals paint a portrait of your beauty.  Or perhaps the Le Jardin’ Wiggle Dress will sing to you, with its extravagant velvet-trimmed bustle, flattering wide neckline and little cap sleeve!

Fall in love with the vintage glamour of a riot of blooms in plums, mauves, and blues, and complement your ‘Le Jardin’ vintage style dress with embellished accessories in velvets, delicate netting, flowers and cameos.  Of course, the Le Jardin’ Shoes (in your choice of Fuschia or Duck Egg Blue) make the perfect finishing touch!

Whether you opt for the 1950s style ‘Le Jardin’ Bustier Dress, paired with the ‘Le Jardin’ Lace Bolero in Duck Egg Blue, or wiggle your way into the 1950s inspired ‘Le Jardin’ Classic Wiggle Skirt paired with the Le Jardin’ Lace Camisole and a beautiful Le Jardin’ Flower Crown, you are sure to be ready for any garden soiree or event this season!

Will you meet us in… ‘Le Jardin’?


Join the Kittens of Kitten D'Amour as they try on their favourite designs from 'Le Jardin'


Elena Kitten: Bust- 78cm / Waist- 58cm / Hips- 88cm / Height- 162cm

‘Le Jardin’ Ruffle Jersey Camisole (4): Elena Kitten loved the feel of the beautiful jersey fabric and found there to be a generous stretch in all areas, which meant the ‘Le Jardin’ Ruffle Jersey Camisole perfectly moulded to her curves without feeling too firm! She adored the lace shoulder straps, which allowed her to move easily.  She wore her usual size 4 in this design.

‘Le Jardin’ Classic Wiggle Skirt (4): Elena found this skirt to be the perfect fit and wore size 4, her usual size.  She loves that it is tight enough on the waist to cinch her in, while also leaving enough room to be comfortable on the hips. She adored the fabric, which is lightweight and feels beautiful.

‘Le Jardin’ Maxi Dress (6): Elena Kitten absolutely adored the feel of the 100% cotton this dress is created in! She found it to be light weight and flowy, and feels this dress will be just perfect for Kittens of all shapes and sizes.  She loves how it hugged her curves, and had a generous amount of give around the bust to suit different body types, thanks to the shirred back. She found that the waist seam was at a perfect height to cinch her waist in comfortably, and loved the beautiful sleeves, which can be adjusted to her preference of position without restricting her arm movement.

 Elena suggests that you may wish to size down, as the ‘Le Jardin’ Maxi Dress is beautifully stretchy in the bust.



Tammy Kitten: Bust- 86cm / Waist- 64cm / Hips- 91cm / Height- 161cm

Le Jardin’ Lace Dress Size (4): Tammy loved this exquisite Lace Dress!  She has styled the ‘Le Jardin’ Lace Dress with two petticoats to give that beautiful 1950s silhouette.  Tammy is wearing a size 4, as she found this dress to have a lot of stretch, and recommends sizing down if you are between sizes.

The lace is soft and very feminine, and Tammy loves the stunning vintage colour.  The bustier bodice is also generous with a deeper cup, and so will suit larger busted Kittens as well.

‘Le Jardin’ Lace Camisole (6): Tammy is wearing a size 6 which is her normal size for this style of top.  She found this gorgeous camisole was a perfect fit, with a little room in the bust. The seam sits a little deeper under the bust like the ‘Le Jardin’ Lace Dress, so it will also be perfect for larger-busted Kittens.

The lace is gorgeous, and it has a lovely stretch and a corset-like feel.

‘Le Jardin’ Full Skirt Size (4): Tammy wears a size 4 in this pretty skirt, as she found the waist had a little extra room due to the way it swoops high on the waist towards the centre.  Tammy generally moves between a size 4 and 6 and recommends sizing down if you are in between sizes.  Tammy loves the delightful velvet ribbon trim which is a pretty detail.

If you are curvier below the waist it may feel a little snug where the ribbon is attached.

‘Yes! It’s got pockets!’



‘Le Jardin’ Wiggle Dress (4): Tammy is wearing a size 4 in this beautiful wiggle dress and has sized down, as she normally would wear a size 6. Because of the lovely stretch, Tammy recommends sizing down, especially if you are in between sizes as this dress has a little wiggle room.

The gathered bust is very flattering, and with the elasticised cap sleeves this wiggle is the perfect pinup piece for your collection. Tammy found the ‘Le Jardin’ Wiggle Dress to be generous through the bust, thanks to the gathered neckline. The bustle at the back is a stunning feature!

Tammy Kitten adores the ‘Le Jardin’ Collection!


Jackie Kitten: Bust- 90cm / Waist- 73cm / Hips- 106cm / Height- 163cm

Le Jardin’ Bustier Dress (8): Jackie is smitten with this dress and wore her usual size 8, loving how this exquisite design and its elasticated straps made for a perfect fit.  The Bustier Dress has been created in a gorgeous cotton spandex, which has a light stretch, and the ruched detail across the bust creates a wonderful silhouette.

Jackie insists that the ‘Le Jardin’ Bustier Dress is definitely the ‘must-have‘ dress!

‘Le Jardin’ Blouse (8): Jackie adored this blouse, with its lovely lightweight cotton and gorgeous delicate detailed neckline. She feels it’s the perfect blouse for summer and will pair perfectly with all the skirts in this collection.

Jackie decided on a size 8 in the ‘Le Jardin’ Blouse as there is no stretch.  This left her a little room for a comfortable fit.

‘Le Jardin’ Braid Skirt (8): The beautiful iridescent fabric and intricate lace detail between tiers captured Jackie’s heart. She loved how lightweight the fabric felt, and how beautifully it sat.

Jackie chose her usual size 8 for a firm fit around the waist.



Mandie Kitten: Bust- 101cm / Waist- 80cm / Hips- 108cm / Height- 168cm 


‘Le Jardin’ Bustier Dress (10): This Design quickly became Mandie's favourite design, as she loves the gathered neckline and velvet details. Mandie loved the addition of an elasticated shoulder strap. Wearing a size 10 in this design, Mandie found the fit to be very true to size!

‘Le Jardin’ Lace Shrug (Duck Egg Blue) (10): Mandie was delighted to see this Lace Shrug return in a beautiful new colour!  She found it to be the perfect design to add a touch more glamour to her outfit and to give coverage to her arms.  Mandie is wearing a size 10 for a perfect fit.

This Shrug is Mandie's must-have!

Le Jardin’ Wiggle Dress (10): Mandie loved the vintage style and soft watercolour floral print of this wiggle dress. The gathered neckline and cap sleeves are the perfect finishing touch to this design!  The size 10 was a perfect fit. Mandie generally wears a 12 in wiggles due to her hips, so you will find this area to have a little extra room.

‘Le Jardin’ Blouse (10): Mandie wears a size 10 in this beautiful blouse and feels that the light fabric will be just perfect for Spring and Summer. Mandie loved the finishing touch of lace on the neckline.

‘Le Jardin’ Classic Wiggle Skirt (12): Being curvier in the hips, Mandie sized up to a size 12 in this Wiggle Skirt and found this to be a great fit for wiggling! Mandie especially loved the Lace Mermaid embellishment on the hem of this skirt, as it finishes the design perfectly.



  • Jade

    I love this print it’s the perfect print for spring and the fabric is just lovely and light


    I love this print! I am loving the wiggle dress. That bustle is amazing!

  • Yvette

    The prettiest print I’ve seen!

  • Debbie Stinchcombe

    Love the colour of the trim on the wiggle

  • Danielle

    I love that they have so many people try these on and actually share the results with us! It’s always such a great experience scrolling through each of the blogs and size guides to get a better understanding of shape and fit. Never stop doing this. No other store I know of does this!

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