'Miss Strawberry Pageant' Outfit Inspiration & Size Guide!

In the radiant glow of the ‘Miss Strawberry Pageant' stage, Shandy Appleton stood poised beneath the spotlight, her heart aflutter in her ‘Miss Strawberry Pageant’ Drape Dress, the delicate fabric strewn with the sweetest of strawberries. The strawberry scent lingered in the air, mingling with the anticipation that hung like a delicate veil over the audience.  She adjusted the flowing red scarf which fluttered from her shoulder in the breeze of the fans circulating the air, which was thick with hopeful anticipation.  

The 1950s was a golden age for beauty pageants, with the popularity of the Miss America pageant leading to a proliferation of contests across the nation. These events, both large and small, played a significant role in the social and political landscape of the time. It was an era when the beauty queen represented more than just an idealized image; she embodied the community's values and aspirations.

Shandy, with her high arched brows, red lips, and perfectly curled hair piled high on her head epitomized the image that most young women aspired to in the 1950s.  Her coy side glance and poised demeanour were not just superficial attributes but representations of an era's ideals. The sincere desire to be chosen queen and to represent a community ideal united contestants in every beauty pageant. 

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Shandy, resplendent in 1950s glamour, adored her ‘Miss Strawberry Pageant’ Drape Dress, with its glamorous one shoulder design and fitted bodice creating a seamless silhouette that paid homage to the fashion sensibilities of the 1950s. The full skirt of her dress, along with her voluminous layered 'Miss Strawberry Pageant' Petticoat in a matching 'Miss Strawberry Pageant' print swirled around her as she moved, capturing the essence of her femininity and grace.  Her Miss Strawberry Pageant’ ensemble was completed with her red ‘Jazz’ Shoes that clicked confidently against the stage floor, adding an audible punctuation to each step Shandy took. The red back-seamed Kitten D'Amour Pantyhose, a subtle yet alluring detail, drew the audience’s gaze to her legs, emphasizing the meticulous attention she paid to every aspect of her appearance.

Earlier, Shandy's outfit for the talent segment showcased her commitment to embracing the fashion trends of the 1950s. Her ‘Miss Strawberry Pageant’ Wiggle Dress had been adorned with a darling bustle, and her ‘Miss Strawberry Pageant’ Cropped Jacket and carefully coordinated accessories were not merely garments; they were a visual strawberry feast! 

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Even backstage Shandy had worn her ‘Miss Strawberry Pageant designs, glowing with pride.  Perhaps her favourite moment had been backstage in the dressing room, amidst the whirlwind of excitement.  The room echoed with the sound of laughter and whispered words of encouragement as the contestants prepared to grace the stage – a moment she would remember every time she wore her gorgeous 'Miss Strawberry Pageant' Ruffle Camisole and her Miss Strawberry Pageant’ Kitty Knickers in a beautiful matching red.  She had felt so glamorous!

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Amid the applause, Shandy stood not only as the newly appointed ‘Miss Strawberry Queen 1959’ but also as a representative of an era where beauty pageants, in their diverse forms, played a role in shaping societal norms. Her victory was more than a personal triumph; it reflected a community ideal, an embodiment of the aspirations and dreams of an era that embraced both tradition and change.

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For the 'Miss Strawberry Pageant' Size Guide we have decided to focus on the fit, rather than the numbers.  And remember, Kitten D’Amour Stylists are available to answer your questions, both instore and online!

Join Millie Kitten as she shares her sizing advice for ‘Miss Strawberry Pageant’!

'Miss Strawberry Pageant' Drape Dress

The 'Miss Strawberry Pageant' Drape Dress - where classic Hollywood glamour mixes with the sweetness of fresh strawberries! This stunning design made Millie Kitten feel as though she was attending the premiere of her latest French film! The 'Miss Strawberry Pageant' Drape Dress fit like a dream. The waist was cinched, with the help of the new 'Beauty School Fairy Dust' Belt in Red, and the bust was incredibly comfortable. The off-the-shoulder design sat beautifully and securely. The strawberry red scarf, sewn in so delicately and draped over the shoulder so elegantly, is such a statement aspect of this dress that it is guaranteed to capture and hold the attention of all who see you.  Millie wore her regular size in this gorgeous dress.

'Miss Strawberry Pageant' Blouse, Wiggle Skirt and Cardigan 

The 'Miss Strawberry Pageant Blouse' is perfect for this summer heat! The light, sheer, short-sleeve blouse is cute and a little bit cheeky. A zip in the back makes for a seamless fit and it is the perfect blouse to pair with the 'Miss Strawberry Pageant' Wiggle Skirt. The beautiful wiggle skirt is very snug and with no vent at the back, this makes the design a true wiggle! 

Millie Kitten couldn't resist trying on the 'Miss Strawberry Pageant' Cardigan with this combination. The soft baby pink, with carefully embroidered strawberries dotted around it, is truly perfect. The sleeve length is just right and it sits so lightly over the blouse. We wonder how the 'Miss Strawberry Pageant' judges feel about her outfit?

Millie wore her regular size in each of these designs.  She notes that the wiggle skirt is firm, and while she prefers her wiggles to fit this way, if you prefer a little more room you may want to consider sizing up. 

'Miss Strawberry Pageant' Queen Dress

The 'Miss Strawberry Pageant' Queen Dress by any other name would not look as sweet! How could one not feel like a Pageant Queen in this breath-taking design! Like the 'Miss Strawberry Pageant' Drape Dress, the waist was a perfect fit. Millie did find the bust a little tight just around the sweetheart neckline and she has the adjustable straps as loose as they could go, though she didn't feel the need to size up. The innocent sweetness of this dress is undeniable, how could the crowd not love you!

For our Busty Kittens: size up...you'll thank us!

'Miss Strawberry Pageant' Wiggle Dress, Crop Jacket

Is there anything a wiggle dress can't do? Millie Kitten, as always, can't praise the wiggle more! Form-fitting, with the most gorgeous red piping framing the neckline and bust, the 'Miss Strawberry Wiggle Dress' is perfection! Millie loves how this dress hugs all the right places and accentuates all the right features. Pairing this dress with the 'Miss Strawberry Pageant' Crop Jacket just adds that rich pop of red, completing this little number perfectly.

Millie wore her regular size in each design for the perfect fit!  She notes that the sleeve is narrow on the 'Miss Strawberry Pageant' Crop Jacket', and she suggests sizing up, particularly if you'd like to wear yours buttoned. 

Overall, Millie Kitten wore her regular size in every 'Miss Strawberry Pageant' design, however she notes the following:

'Miss Strawberry Pageant' Wiggle SkirtIf you would normally size up in a wiggle skirt, then do so for this collection.  You may consider doing so for the Wiggle Dress too, if you normally would, but the Wiggle Skirt is particularly 'Wiggly'!

'Miss Strawberry Pageant' Crop Jacket': The sleeve is narrow, and we recommend sizing up, particularly if you'd like to wear it buttoned.

'Miss Strawberry Pageant' Queen Dress: No matter whether you're a size 6 or a 16, if you're larger-busted, size up. There's no stretch in that gorgeous red sweetheart neckline!



  • Regina St.Johnwood

    I have the petticoat in this collection and get so many positive comments on it!

  • Regina St.Johnwood

    I have the petticoat in this collection and get so many positive comments on it!

  • Jade

    This wiggle dress Is a must have for any kitten. Stunning dress 😍

  • Jade

    I adore this collection and purchased most of it! I found the size guide very helpful and everything fit perfectly

  • Annette Hadley

    Purchased the full skirt. When the collection first came out I was a bit concerned that the print might be a tad overwhelming. Fortunately I found this not to be the case and with the skirt, finding it true to size, you can certainly pair with your other kitten tops to match, dress up for a nice event or dress down a little for fun.
    Super cute and very fun

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