Opening Night at The Dorchester!

April 20th, 1931. Lady Astor stands poised with a pair of golden scissors in her hand, ready to officially open London's newest and most luxurious hotel: The Dorchester. The grand occasion is filled with anticipation and excitement as guests, and dignitaries, gather on The Terrace. Impeccably dressed waiters in their finest livery move about, meticulously sharpening carving knives and inspecting wine corks, ensuring that every detail is perfect for their guests.

You, of course, are exquisitely dressed for the occasion in your Dorchester Suite 17’ Wiggle Dress, paired with your matchingDorchester Suite 17' shoesThe bellhop has already taken your warm, vintage Dorchester Suite 17’ Fur Collar Coat, and you are ready to join in the celebrations!  

You thrill in the realisation that you’ve brought your vintage outfit inspiration to life at Kitten D’Amour, knowing that you are wearing the perfect outfit.

In the background, the vibrant melodies of Jack Jackson and his swing band fill the air, adding a touch of elegance and sophistication to the atmosphere. You tap your toes, shod in the beautiful ‘Dorchester Suite 17’ shoe, in time to the music.  The Dorchester's resident orchestra, renowned for their musical talent, serenade the guests, creating a harmonious backdrop to the momentous event. The symphony encourages you to wiggle your way onto the dance floor, your wiggle dress catching the eye of all the other guests.   

All eyes are on you as you wiggle your way around the dance floor in your beautiful wiggle dress!



The Dorchester itself is a testament to opulence and grandeur. Conceived by Sir Robert McAlpine, this towering landmark on Park Lane stands out among the other London hotels of its time. Yet, unlike the traditional Victorian brick and Portland stone structures that dominate the city's skyline, The Dorchester is a modern marvel of constructed steel and concrete. This departure from conventional architectural styles is a powerfully bold statement, reflecting the spirit of the 1930s—a time of extravagant indulgence and Mayfair's exuberance.

The Promenade at The Dorchester


As Lady Astor brings the golden scissors down, the ribbon is cut, marking the official opening of The Dorchester. You join in with the wave of applause and admiration sweeping through the crowd, acknowledging the monumental achievement of this remarkable hotel. With its unmatched luxury, world-class service, and attention to fine detail, The Dorchester takes its place as the epitome of elegance. A symbol of London's vibrant and evolving spirit.

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  • Carrie

    One of my favourite collections this year, love it

  • Edith

    I am keen on the pink fur, such an elegant collection.

  • Michelle Eakins

    The Dorchester wiggle skirt is by far my most favourite skirt. And the Wiggle dress is also the most flattering design. Thank you Kitten for such gorgeous clothes.

  • Karena

    Love this. My Dorchester outfit fitted in perfectly with the time period when l went to see Moulin Rouge recently at QPAC. Its so elegent!!! Thank you KDA!!

  • Brigitta

    I have returned to Kitten after 20 months. I had put on a huge amount of weight but am now on the way down. I went in to Kitten and just purchased the beautiful wiggle. Feels beautiful on. Love the material and the colour. I was afraid it would wash me out, but it didn’t. Love it!

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