'Peacocks & Palaces' - Outfit Inspiration & Size Guide

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It’s always important to have a phenomenal outfit on hand when you want people to stop you and say ‘WOW, you look Amazing!… We believe ‘Peacocks and Palaces’ is a collection of beautiful designs that will simply ‘Stop Traffic!’ Included is a fabulous (faux) fur collar over a gorgeous fitted wiggle dress, a stunning steel boned corset featuring beautiful 1920s inspired velvet and so many other classic designs. The options in ‘Peacocks and Palaces’ is almost endless as they are beautiful! 

Filled to the brim with vintage glamour inspiration, the designer dresses and skirts in ‘Peacocks and Palaces’ are some of the most gorgeous garments you will ever experience! These ‘Peacocks and Palaces’ vintage dresses are covered with the most stunning array of colours throughout the designer print. The arrangement of black, navy, purple, blue, and light purple in the peacock design looks positively royal on every beautiful design.

Of course it isn’t just the ‘Peacocks and Palaces’ vintage skirts and dresses that you should be  excited about...This collection includes a number of designs in a blue and gold pinstripe - such as the stunning high waist pants and the gorgeous women’s tailored jacket. That isn’t even to mention the fabulous blue vegan leather biker jacket! 

A first for Kitten D’Amour, the vegan leather women’s biker jacket manages to appear both beautiful and strong at the same time. It’s the perfect companion for your favourite designer dress.  

If you love fur collars and peacock printed vintage dresses- if dressing in black, purple, and navy blue makes you feel like a queen- and if maxi dresses give you endless vintage glamour outfit inspiration- then you’re sure to fall in love with ‘Peacocks and Palaces’! 


Jackie Kitten: Bust- 88cm / Waist- 75cm / Hip- 105cm / Height- 150cm

‘Peacocks & Palaces’ Showgirl Velvet Wiggle Dress (size 10): Jackie is in love! She squeals with excitement “What a stunning design! I love the soft stretchy velvet, it hugs all the right places”! Jackie found despite the stretch in this design, that her usual size 10 was the best fit. She didn’t want to lose the detail of the gathered body and also wanted some room to wear the design more off the shoulder. This is Jackie Kitten’s top pick!

‘Peacocks & Palaces’ Lace Top Purple (size 6): Jackie remarks “I'm usually a 6 to 8 in most tops and with how stretchy this design was, I found size 6 was perfect”! Jackie loved the attached singlet and darling matching buttons.

‘Peacocks & Palaces’ Trumpet Skirt (size 12): Jackie found the details of this design simply amazing…from the shape defining bordered waist to the delicate ruffle bottom…she believes this new Design will become Kitten D’Amour iconic! Jackie found this Design a little snug for her ‘wiggle walk’ and opted for the 12.

‘Peacocks & Palaces’ Day Dress (size 8): Jackie says “One of my all-time favourite Kitten D'Amour designs, this day dress is perfection”! Jackie found this piece true to size and so flattering (plus, it has pockets)!

Parveen Kitten: Bust- 89cm / Waist- 58 cm / Hips- 95cm / Height- 157 cm

‘Peacocks & Palaces’ Bustle Wiggle Skirt (size 4): Introducing Parveen's new favourite wiggle skirt! Parveen remarks “This luxurious stretch velvet is so shapely! I feel so slinky in this beautiful piece”! True to size with some wiggle room because of the velvet and lace-up back.

‘Peacocks & Palaces’ Lace Top Blue (size 4): Parveen found this design true to size and so soft. The built in singlet was perfect for a smooth finish and ideal for mixing and matching. “Comfy, breathable and super stretchy”!

‘Peacocks & Palaces’ Steel Boned Corset (size 6): Parveen gushes “Corset lovers unite! The print and velvet trim just ooze luxury! This steel boned corset feels simply amazing on and I adore the vibrant blue trim against my skin tone. I found a size 6 the best fit for my bust and waist”.


Tammy Kitten: Bust- 86cms / Waist- 64cms / Hips- 91cms

‘Peacocks & Palaces’ Dress With Fur Collar (size 6): Tammy notes “This dress is such a beautiful cut, flattering on everyone! The removeable faux fur collar is so classy, a beautiful and versatile touch”! Tammy found her usual size 6 perfect!

‘Peacocks & Palaces’ Border Full Skirt (size 6): Tammy found this piece true to size and such a classic cut. Tammy mentioned “The contrasting stripes of the waist band are very shape defining and highlight the waist”!

‘Peacocks & Palaces’ Lace Navy (size 6):Tammy found that this beautiful top very stretchy and the ruffle detail of the sleeve to be very flattering. She notes “This is a must have in every colour for your wardrobe”! She recommends if you are between sizes to size down.

‘Peacocks & Palaces’ Blouse With Cap Sleeves (size 6): Tammy found this classic Kitten D’Amour design true to size. She paired this with the matching full skirt to create a dress look! This was Tammy’s favourite look!

Visit Kitten D'Amour Indooroopilly Shopping Centre and have Parveen, Tammy and Jackie Kittens style your 'Peacocks & Palaces' look! 


'Peacocks & Palaces' is available in all Boutiques and online now. SHOP HERE!

To view the full 'Peacocks & Palaces' and collection, visit the Look Book here.


  • phoebe

    I had been looking the the dresses from Kitten D’amour since seeing one of the stores on my visit to the Sunshine Coast in 2018 this series was actually the first time I bought something after um-ing, uh-ing and just missing my sizes, I got the fur collar dress and two corsets one in the peacocks style and a black corset.

  • Astyork

    Your fashion collections combine glamour and vintage charm in a delightful way. Each piece recounts an account of immortal class, making each buy an extraordinary encounter.

  • Edith

    I love seeing Tammy in the peacock collection. My visits to Indooroopilly store are always so good and she is always so patient with me trying new clothes.

  • Edith

    I love seeing Tammy in the peacock collection. My visits to Indooroopilly store are always so good and she is always so patient with me trying new clothes.

  • Christine

    The beautiful print and colours of the Peacocks & Palaces design is one of my all-time Kitten faves. I got both the Day Dress and the Border Full Skirt which are both so stunning, stylish and flattering. The dress is cotton/spandex and the skirt is cotton which are both favourite Kitten material compositions that I prefer, as the dress has some stretch and the skirt is comparatively light weight which is particularly great for hot summer days.

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