'Poodles In Paris' - a collection befitting 1950s Vogue!

Ooh la la!

Poodles In Paris’ – A collection befitting the pages of ‘Vogue’ from the 1950s!

Step back in time to the glamorous 1950s with ‘Poodles in Paris,’ a collection that draws inspiration from the vintage pages of Vogue magazine. This tribute to the golden age of fashion celebrates the elegance and sophistication of the era, highlighting two iconic silhouettes that defined women's 1950s style during that time.

The first silhouette is the renowned "New Look" hourglass figure, which featured a full skirt and a cinched waist. This look was popularised by Christian Dior in 1947 and continued to be a dominant style throughout the 1950s. 

The full skirts were often supported by petticoats, creating a voluminous and feminine appearance. Nipped in waists were defined with belts, emphasising feminine curves, and giving women a graceful and refined look.  This look is perfectly embodied in the ‘Poodles in Paris’ Day Dress, particularly paired with the ‘Poodles in Paris’ Petticoat! Or perhaps you might prefer the mix and match options offered by the ‘Poodles in Paris’ Belted Skirts and the ‘Poodles in Paris’ Long Sleeve Tops!

The second silhouette showcased in 'Poodles in Paris' is the figure-hugging ‘Poodles in Paris’ Wiggle Dress. This sleek and elegant style emphasised a woman's natural curves, hugging the figure in all the right places. These 1950s Wiggle Dresses were tailored to perfection, allowing the wearer to exude confidence and sophistication. Women embraced this look to portray a modern and chic image while embracing their femininity.

The collection ‘Poodles in Paris brings together these two distinct silhouettes, offering a variety of designs that pay homage to the fashion icons of the 1950s. The colour palette features classic hues, including soft pink, rich burgundy tones, and timeless black. Luxurious fabrics add a touch of sophistication to the designs, while intricate details showcase the exquisite craftsmanship of the era.

Poodles are sprinkled across the print - the iconic French dogs that were a popular motif in 1950s fashion and culture. Poodles, with their graceful and playful demeanour symbolise the elegance and spirit of the time, adding a whimsical touch to the overall theme.

‘Poodles In Paris’ celebrates an era when fashion was art, and women embraced their femininity with poise and grace. The collection's designs bring back the essence of 1950s dress while offering a modern twist, making it a perfect choice for all looking to embody the timeless allure of vintage 1950s fashion.

Ooh la la indeed!

No sizing guide would be complete without Tammy and Jackie Kittens... join them as they try on their favourite 'Poodles in Paris' designs! 


Tammy Kitten: Bust- 86cm / Waist- 64cm / Hips- 91cm / Height- 161cm

‘Poodles in Paris’ Coat (Black): Tammy chose her usual size 6 in the ‘Poodles in Paris’ Coat and loved the gorgeous ruffle detail, and the way the coat sat over her skirt, allowing the print to peep through.

Poodles in Paris’ Long sleeve Top (Pink) (6): Tammy wore size 6 in this design. She suggests sizing up if you are in between sizes.  She loves the little buttons and the fitted waist!

Poodles In Paris’ Full Skirt (print) (6): Tammy chose her usual size 6 in this design but recommends sizing up if you are in between sizes as she found there to be no stretch in the waist band. This skirt, paired with the pink blouse and the black cardigan was Tammy's favourite ensemble in the 'Poodles in Paris' collection!

‘Poodles in Paris’ Cardigan (Black) (XS):  Tammy adored the embroidered poodles on this design!  She found this cardigan to be true to size.

'Poodles In Paris’ Petticoat (XS): Tammy is in love with this Petticoat! “Be still my beating heart! This petticoat is the perfect fit and so 1950’s!” 

Poodles in Paris’ Day Dress (6): Tammy adored the 1950s design of this dress, and found it oh-so comfortable, noting that the waistband has some stretch.  She wore two petticoats to really emphasise the 1950s silhouette she loves so much.  She wore her regular size 6 for a perfect fit. 



Jackie Kitten: Bust- 90cm / Waist- 73cm / Hips- 106cm / Height- 163cm

Poodles In Paris’ Long Sleeve Top (Burgundy) (8): Jackie wore her usual size 8, however did find it a little firm in the waist.  She recommends sizing up if you are between sizes.  She adores the gorgeous colour and the tiny buttons!

‘Poodles In Paris’ Full Skirt (Print) (8): Jackie wore her regular size 8 in this design for a perfect fit.  She loves the black detailing at the hip, and how perfectly it coordinates with the matching belt.

Poodles in Paris’ Wiggle dress (8): Jackie usually wears a size 10 in a Wiggle Dress, but found she needed to size down in the ‘Poodles in Paris’ Wiggle Dress.  She loved how the dress feels, especially the stretch in the fabric, which she found fabulously comfortable.  She adored the beautiful drape of the sleeves.

‘Poodles in Paris’ Cardigan (Black) (XS): Jackie wore her normal size in this cardigan for a perfect fit.  She adored the poodles: “The embroidered poodle are to die for!” 

Poodles in Paris’ Palazzo Pants (Burgundy) (10): Jackie wears a size 8 in the ‘Peacocks and Palaces’ Palazzo Pants but preferred to size up to the 10 in this design.  She adores the pockets and chose to pair her Palazzo Pants with the Beauty School Belt in Black rather than the matching belt for a different look.


  • Jade

    I adore this wiggle dress it’s one of my favourites and it looks amazing 😍 it fits like a glove

  • Kat C

    This collection is ALL me! Amazing! Amazing! Amazing! Favourite themes, Favourite colours! ❤️❤❤

  • Edith

    I bought the kitten jumper it is so pretty, my friends say I look great 😋

  • Charli T

    Love, love, love it! I feel so sexy in the wiggle dress, so form fitting and glamorous.

  • Jennifer Inge

    Super helpful blog Tammy and Jackie!
    This helps me so much because I’m usually in between sizes.

    thank you so much!!!
    I’m so looking forward to your next blog on Florentine.
    Thanks for. all your help today Tammy

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