'Poodles in Paris' Outfit Inspiration and Sizing Guide!

Ah, Paris in the 1950s!

Picture yourself strolling along a tree-lined avenue in the heart of Paris, passing by quaint bistros, charming boutiques, and of course, the delightful boulangeries that fill the air with the irresistible aroma of freshly baked baguettes and pastries. The city exudes a certain chicness, with its fashionable residents donning elegant vintage 1950s style outfits, oozing sophistication with every step.

Your little poodle, scarf tied jauntily around her neck, trots along beside you, catching the attention of the handsome Frenchman passing by.  Or is it you, in your 1950s style ‘Poodles in Paris’ Wiggle Dress that has sparked a gleam in his eye? Unconsciously you smooth your hand over your hip, revelling in the way your dress fits your curves so beguilingly.

The boulangeries are an essential part of the Parisian culture, and you can't resist stepping into one. The pastries displayed in the windows are works of art, from delicate éclairs to mouth-watering croissants. You order a warm baguette and café au lait, and the delightful scent of fresh bread fills the air as you sit and leaf through the pages of your Vogue Magazine, loving that your vintage inspired 1950s wiggle dress could have been lifted straight from its pages.  Christian Dior, with his ‘New Look’ and Givenchy with his figure hugging designs… it could just as easily be you, in your Kitten D’Amour ‘Poodles in Paris’ designs!

Feeling the slight breeze caress your skin you stop to envelop yourself in your ‘Poodles in Paris’ Coat, the oh-so feminine ruffles cascading over your decolletage, perfectly setting off your ‘D’Amour Woollen Beret in Cherry, perched just so atop your curls.

The fashion of the 1950s in Paris was characterized by elegance and refinement, with women embracing the iconic New Look introduced by Christian Dior in 1947. The 1950s dress silhouette was accentuated with cinched waists, full skirts, and well-tailored outfits, while men were typically seen in tailored suits and hats.  You are at one with the scene, already imagining which beautiful design you’ll be wearing tomorrow.  Will it be your ‘Poodles in Paris’ Long Sleeve Top (Burgundy) with the ‘Poodles in Paris Belted Skirt (Print)?  Or will it be the gorgeous vintage inspired ‘Poodles in Paris’ Day Dress?

As you explore the streets, you may also catch a glimpse of some famous landmarks like the Eiffel Tower, which has been an emblem of Paris since its construction in the late 19th century.  Paris in the 1950s was a time of cultural blossoming, with influences from the worlds of art, fashion, music, and cinema coming together to create a magical atmosphere, and it was from this scene that the oh-so chic ‘Poodles in Paris’ collection was born – the epitome of Parisienne chic!

Join the Kittens of Kitten D'Amour as they try on their favourite designs from 'Poodles in Paris'



Kerryn Kitten: Bust 105cm / Waist 84cm / Hip 115cm / Height 168cm

 Poodles in Paris’ Day Dress (10): Kerryn loved the 1950s silhouette of this dress, especially when paired with her ‘Vixen’ shoes and the ‘Poodles in Paris’ Petticoat.  She is usually a 12 in Kitten dresses and found that she needed to size down to the 10 in this design.  She does prefer a firmer fit and suggests that if you are between sizes that you may want to consider sizing down.

‘Poodles in Paris’ Petticoat (S/M): Kerryn loved having a Petticoat to match her dress!  She wore a size Small/Medium for a perfect fit.

Poodles in Paris’ Long Sleeve Top (Black) (14): Kerryn loved the sophistication of this design, particularly the neckline and the floaty sleeves.  She wore a 14 in this design, as the waist was very firm.  She recommends sizing up if you are in-between sizes.

Poodles in Paris’ Belted Skirt (Print) (12): This design was Kerryn’s favourite, along with the Poodles in Paris’ Coat (Dusty Pink)!  She loved how flattering the tapered waist and A-line cut of the skirt was, especially with the black belt to define her waist.  Kerryn wears her regular size 12 in this skirt, however found it quite firm and feels that if you are between sizes you may want to consider sizing up.

 Poodles in Paris’ Wiggle Dress (12): Kerryn wore a size 12 in this wiggle dress (normally she would wear a 14 in a wiggle).  She loved the feel of the silky soft lining, and that the black fabric had a bit of stretch, making it so comfortable to wear.  She recommends sizing down!

 Poodles in Paris’ Coat (Dusty Pink) (12): This was Kerryn’s other favourite design!  She loved how the A-Line allowed the print of her dress to show through, and adored the ruffle featured along the neckline.  She wears her regular size 12 in this design for a perfect fit.


Millie Kitten: Bust 89cm / Waist 64cm / Hip 94cm / Height 160cm


‘Poodles in Paris’ Long Sleeve Top (Black) (6): Millie Kitten is head-over-heels in love with the 'Poodles in Paris Long Sleeve Top'! Such a versatile style transforming any outfit from classy to elegant to sweet! The size 6 was the perfect fit and she will be grabbing one in every colour!

‘Poodles in Paris’ Palazzo Pants (Burgundy) (6): The deep and rich burgundy of the 'Poodles in Paris Palazzo Pants' is just divine! Millie Kitten loved these high-waisted pants and found that they were true to size for a size 6. 

 ‘Poodles in Paris’ Long Sleeve Top (Black) (6): Need Millie Kitten say more about the 'Poodles in Paris Long Sleeve Top'?  She adores it!

‘Poodles in Paris’ Belted Skirt (Black) (6): The 'Poodles in Paris Belted Skirt (Black)' was another fabulous fit, with the 6 being true to size! Millie Kitten loved the silky print lining of the skirt and the delicate shape it created. Black and burgundy are Millie's favourite colour combinations and the 'D'Amour Cat Eye Sunglasses’ (Classic Black) are the perfect accessories to add a little bit of cheeky glamour!

 ‘Poodles in Paris’ Wiggle Dress (4): Millie Kitten could not love this stunning 'Poodles in Paris’ Wiggle Dress more! And paired with the classy 'Vixen Shoes', this elegant look is complete! With such stretchy and comfortable fabric, Millie Kitten, who is a standard Kitten size 6, recommended sizing down for a perfectly fitted look! 

Mandie Kitten: Bust 100cm / Waist 79cm / Hip 110cm / Height 168cm

'Poodles in Paris' Day Dress (10): The Day dress became Mandie's absolute favourite design. Mandie is wearing a size 10 but suggests if you are between sizes you might like to size down for a firmer fit

'Poodles In Paris' Long Sleeve Top (Burgundy) (12): Wearing a size 12 in the Long Sleeve Blouse, Mandie recommends sizing up in this design. This Blouse will certainly be added to Mandie's Kitten wardrobe as she loves the puff sleeve and beautiful button detail. 

'Poodles in Paris' Belted Skirt (Print) (10): Mandie is wearing a size 10 in this beautiful skirt, but notes there is no stretch in the waistband and would suggest sizing up if you are between sizes. Paired with the Poodles in Paris’ Petticoat this is a must-have design.

'Poodles in Paris' Wiggle Dress (10): Mandie loved the vintage glamour of this wiggle dress, it really felt like a design from a vintage magazine. This wiggle has plenty of stretch and hugs your curves beautifully. The Deep V neckline and puff sleeves are the perfect finishing touch to this design!  The size 10 was a perfect fit. Mandie generally wears a 12 in wiggles due to her hips, so Kittens you can certainly size down in this one.


'Poodles in Paris' Coat (Black) (6): Nothing beats a warm wool coat and the 'Poodles in Paris Coat' fits seamlessly! Such a classic style and the rippling frills are gorgeous. Millie Kitten stayed her true size 6 for this stunning design, the only trouble is deciding which colour she loves more! 

'Poodles in Paris' Coat (Burgundy) (10)Mandie just loves the frill front detail of the 'Poodles in Paris' Coat and can not wait to add this one to her winter wardrobe. Wearing a size 10 Mandie found this to be a perfect fit with the ability to layer, and deems it is a must-have for all Kittens!

 'Poodles in Paris' Coat (Dusty Pink) (12): This was Kerryn’s other favourite design!  She loved how the A-Line of the coat allowed the print of her dress to show through, and adored the ruffle featured along the neckline.  She wears her regular size 12 in this design for a perfect fit.


  • Leanne

    Could not decide btwn black and pink poodle cardigan so got both they are so cute and look amazing

  • Peti Hayden

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the vibes these designs are giving off. So much fun and yet always classically elegant

  • Edith

    I like the Poodle Day dress 👍

  • Jessica

    I really want to try the red blouse and pants. I’m a short person so we’ll see how the length goes

  • Jessica

    I really want to try the red blouse and pants. I’m a short person so we’ll see how the length goes

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