'Sherlock' - Outfit Inspiration & Size Guide!

You pause as you peer along the cobblestoned street, shivering as you nestle your chin further into your ‘Sherlock Fur Collar Coat’, grateful for the three buckles and straps firmly securing your coat around your waist. 

You glance at the clue you hold in your hand, the last of a series that has brought you to this very moment, this very doorway. As you enter the dark-panelled study of the old London residence, a sense of mystery and sophistication fills the air.  The room is adorned with vintage bookcases, antique furniture and a large fireplace crackling with amber-hued flames.  The ambiance is undeniable captivating, exuding both intrigue and decadence.

 You carefully unbuckle your coat, revealing your elegant vintage inspired ‘Sherlock Bustle Wiggle Skirt’, revelling in the luxurious lace bustle, which enhances your curves so beautifully.  You can’t help but admire how perfectly your Wiggle Skirt pairs with your ‘Sherlock Lace Blouse’.

In this setting the collection known as ‘Sherlock’ comes to life, seamlessly blending the magnificence of these moody interiors into each meticulously crafted garment.  Each piece in the collection is numbered, further adding to its exclusivity and allure.  Owning a numbered piece from the 'Sherlock' collection means possessing a tangible connection to the captivating world of London's old residences, where intrigue and decadence intertwine.

‘Sherlock’ promises to transport you to the moody and enticing world of Victorian London, allowing you to embrace the glamour and intrigue found in its dark streets.  The attention to detail is remarkable, showcasing intricate stitching, unique antique-style buttons, and signature embellishments reminiscent of the era in which the old London residence thrived.  The silhouettes are both daring and elegant, with nipped in waists, luxurious faux fur collars and decadent lace, all of which capture the essence of the Victorian London's mystique.

Whether worn to an exclusive event, or as a statement piece in everyday life, each garment from the ‘Sherlock’ collection becomes a wearable work of art, embodying the mood and allure of Sherlock's London.  It allows its wearer to step into a realm of elegance, sophistication, and timeless style, capturing the imagination of those who appreciate the fusion of fashion and intrigue.



Jackie Kitten: Bust- 90cm / Waist- 73cm / Hips- 106cm / Height- 163c

‘Sherlock’ Vest - size 6: What a fabulous design Jackie found this to be! She adored the gorgeous detailing, from the faux leather collar to the military buttons and perfectly designed peplum. She predicts that it will be the top pick for this collection. Jackie found this sizing to be quite generous, and found the size 6 to be the perfect size for a more fitted style. The gorgeous tartan fabric feels beautiful and would be lovely paired with jeans and or a full skirt.

‘Sherlock’ Fluted Wiggle Skirt (Green) - size 12: The fluted design of this wiggle shapes the hips beautifully with panelling that creates the perfect contours. Jackie found this fit a little tight, and sized up as the fabric has almost no stretch. Jackie found the colour to be divine, the perfect shade of green.  Curvier-hipped Kittens will need to size up in this design.

'Sherlock' Full Skirt - Size 8: Jackie opted for her normal size for a firm fit. The fabric has a little stretch and sits high on the waist, showing off the lovely vintage ribbon trim and buttons perfectly.  The unique ‘Sherlock’ tartan print fabric moves beautifully and Jackie loved it paired with the ‘Sherlock’ vest.

'Sherlock' Peek-A-Boo Blouse (Green) - size 8: Jackie found the Peek-A-Boo Blouse to be perfect paired with the ‘Sherlock’ Full Skirt. A fabulous design in forest green, this peek-a-boo top has a fine lace trim along the neckline and small puff to the sleeve. Jackie decided an 8 was the best fit but still a little tight across her bust. Jackie found that the soft cotton blend felt lovely and felt it would be a great winter essential.


Tammy Kitten: Bust- 86cm / Waist- 64cm / Hips- 91cm / Height- 161cm

‘Sherlock’ Fur Collar Jacket - Size 6: Tammy is wearing the ‘Sherlock’ Fur Collar Jacket in a size 6. This beautiful jacket has stretch and Tammy loves the button detail and the fit of this jacket.  She adored the gorgeous forest green colour! If you like a firm fit in a jacket and you are a size 6 this is the size for you. If you like a little more room, Tammy recommends you size up.

Sherlock’ Lace Blouse Green - Size 4: Tammy wears a size 4 in this pretty lace blouse and she found it to be a generous fit. Tammy is a 10c in a bra fitting and found there to be plenty of room.  Tammy generally wears a 4-6 in blouses. She recommends definitely sizing down in this gorgeous lace blouse. The colour is stunning and the lace is super soft. Tammy loves the floaty sleeve, which is very flattering.

‘Sherlock’ Fluted Wiggle Skirt (Brown) - Size 6:  Tammy wears the ‘Sherlock’ Fluted Wiggle Skirt in a size 6.  This skirt is a beautiful cut and Tammy also also loved the detail in the stitching.  She found there to be a little bit of give in the fabric, which makes for a perfect fit.  Curvier-hipped Kittens will need to size up in this design.

‘Sherlock’ Vest - Size 4:  Tammy adores this perfectly cut vest and recommends sizing down, as she found it to be a generous fit. This vest is ‘next level’ and is very well cut, which she found enhanced her waist beautifully.  The stunning button detail also is a favourite feature for Tammy.

‘Sherlock’ Wiggle Bustle Skirt - Size 6: Tammy wears her usual size 6 and found this skirt to have some stretch for wiggle room.  Kittens, you are going to love the detail on this skirt and the bustle has the prettiest green lace that just pops!

‘Sherlock’ Full Skirt - Size 4: Tammy wears the ‘Sherlock’ Full Skirt in a size 4.  This skirt has a little stretch in the fabric, and Tammy recommends that if you are size 4-6, then you may wish to size down to a size 4.  Tammy loves the pretty detail on the front of this skirt and the found the fit to be perfect for her.


‘Sherlock’ Fur Collar Coat - size 8: Jackie just adored the amazing green and brown tartan print and felt that the accompanying teal fur collar worked a treat. She found the fit very similar to the ‘Dorchester’ Coat with Fur Collar in a lighter weight fabric. Alana has outdone herself with the beautiful little details, such as the three little buckles and the unique ‘Sherlock’ lining.

‘Sherlock’ Fur Collar Coat - Size 6: Tammy wears a size 6 but recommends if you are between 4-6 you could size down with the stretch in this beautiful coat.  Tammy adores the detail and the colour in the detachable faux fur collar is so pretty.


  • Jane Arkinstall

    Truely Sherlock is now my most favourite of kitten Tartan collections, the colours, the beautiful fabric, and the very vintage looking designs, love them all!

  • Jane Arkinstall

    Truely Sherlock is now my most favourite of kitten Tartan collections, the colours, the beautiful fabric, and the very vintage looking designs, love them all!

  • Edith
    Tammy and Jackie are looking beautiful in this collection. They are so good to me In the Indooroopilly store. Thank you ladies 🌸

  • Wendy

    Having a guide like this with models of different sizes is genius. And having their opinion of sizing and fit is invaluable when buying online.

  • Bethany H.

    Just bought the Sherlock Full Skirt (size 4) today from the lovely Tammy. This collection is stunning and I’m happy to now own a piece of it! I grew up with Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys comics and love all kinds of tartan prints so this will be a favourite of mine for years to come.

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