'Strawberry Sponge Cake' ... Featuring Tammy Kitten!

What’s cooking, good looking?

Tammy Kitten bakes for us a home-baked sponge cake that's fit for a queen! Tammy's featherlight wonder, straight from the pages of the quintessentially Australian Women’s Weekly, is the absolute cat's meow when it comes to celebrating the sweet simplicity of strawberries. Gather 'round, fetch your supplies, and prep those top-notch ingredients because it's time to whip up a strawberry sensation that'll have the whole neighborhood talking!

Tammy Kitten suggests kicking off this culinary escapade with a dandy strawberry daiquiri – a surefire way to set the tone for an afternoon of pure strawberry delight, and the perfect accompaniment to the delectable 'Miss Strawberry Pageant' Collection!

Join Tammy Kitten as she bakes her Featherlight Sponge Cake – smothered in whipped cream and strawberries, it’s impossible to resist!  And as always, Tammy serves hers with a side of ‘Miss Strawberry Pageant’ sizing advice!

Tammy wears a size 6 in the 'Miss Strawberry Pageant' Drape Dress.

This dress does have stretch so if you like a snug fit, and if you are in between 4-6 you may size down.  Tammy felt really comfortable in the size 6, finding the size 4 to be a little too snug on the bust and also a little too tight under the arms. Tam went with her usual size 6 and it was spot on!

The Miss Strawberry Pageant Drape Dress is definitely one of Tammy's favourites in this gorgeous collection.  There's so much to love about the one shoulder neckline and that darling red scarf that drapes along the decolletage and falls softly over the shoulder. What a show stopper!

This pretty dress has the most divine vintage silhouette!

Tammy has chosen to wear not one, but two 'Miss Strawberry Pageant' Petticoats to add that wow factor she loves so much.  The box pleats are very flattering and the bordered hem is a beautiful touch and compliments the Strawberry print perfectly.

'It's got pockets!' 

Tammy Kitten gave this lovely dress a spin in her kitchen and though it would be fitting to bake a Strawberry cake for the occasion.
Click the link below to be taken directly to the Australian Womens Weekly recipe for the most delicious Featherlight Sponge!  Tam's tip: instead of icing, serve with delicious whipped cream for the perfect summery treat!
Click image for link to recipe!


  • Ez

    Looks absolutely delicious. Outfit is awesome!

  • Jade

    I love the strawberry print, this was definitely a must have for my collection 😍

  • Edith

    I like a cake with strawberries 🍓Tammy, thanks for the recipe. I love my Strawberries dress. Yesterday I saw Tammy and Jackie wearing their strawberry dresses in Indooroopilly store, they looked so good.

  • Lucy

    Thank you for the recipe! A great Aussie tradition to celebrate Australia Day with, and done so elegantly by Tammy who always styles Kitten so perfectly and seemingly effortlessly. Happy Australia Day everyone x

  • Wendi

    Oh how beautiful. I love my strawberry 🍓 wiggle skirt 🍓

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