'Tea Rose' Outfit Inspiration and Size Guide!

It was the summer of 1955, and the streets were lined with charming shops and cosy cafes. Among the vintage cars and neatly trimmed lawns, a vibrant blue Thunderbird cruised down Main Street. Behind the wheel was Amelia Harper, a spirited young woman with a love for adventure and a penchant for turning heads.

Amelia's curvy car pulled up in front of "The Tea Rose," a quaint tea shop, the windows adorned with blooming flower boxes. She parked with a confident smile, the gleaming blue Thunderbird catching the eye of passers-by. As she stepped out, her vintage dress, pale blue and covered in a smattering of roses, fluttered in the breeze. She paused to admire the way the wide waistband and voluminous 'Vintage Classic' Petticoats emphasised her curves, and giggled, remembering the indecision she’d felt that morning, choosing between her ‘Tea Rose’ Day Dress and her ‘Tea Rose’ Wiggle Dress, with its elegant cheongsam-inspired collar and darling red bows.  It was quite exhausting, being a girl!  She couldn’t help giggling again at herself.  She loved her beautiful vintage 50s dresses!

Inside The Tea Rose, the air was filled with the sweet aroma of freshly brewed tea. Tables adorned with white linen cloths and vintage china were set for an afternoon indulgence. Amelia's beau, James Anderson, awaited her at a corner table, dressed in a sharp suit and twirling the end of his neatly groomed moustache.  The waitress, adorned in a black 'Tea Rose' Collar Dress, approached with a smile.  Amelia couldn't help but compliment her on her beautiful dress! 

Outside, the Thunderbird stood proudly under the fading sunlight. Amelia and James, lost in the nostalgia of the 1950s, enjoyed each other's company, creating memories that would endure beyond the passing years.

'Tea Rose' is a beautiful floral print, brimful of romance and summer glamour! Which piece will you wear to channel your inner Amelia?  Join the Kittens of Kitten D'Amour as they try on their favorite 'Tea Rose' designs for you!


Sophie Kitten (Bust: 90cm / Waist: 77cm / Hips: 96cm / Height:166cm)

‘Tea Rose’ Frill Front Blouse (Red) (10)The ‘Tea Rose’ Frill Front Blouse in red is a great blouse for any occasion. Sophie loves that she can dress this blouse up with any Kitten D’Amour skirt for more sophisticated evenings. Or for more casual everyday wear, she can pair this with a comfy pair of Kitten Denim jeans. This design a must-have staple in her wardrobe!  Sophie wore the size 10 Blouse, finding it sat nice and flush on her waist. The arms of this design are elasticated, meaning it is comfortable around the arms, allowing her plenty of room to move.

Tea Rose’ Full Skirt (10): What a beautiful collection ‘Tea Rose’ is!  The new ‘Tea Rose’ Full Skirt is one of Sophie Kitten’s favourite designs from this collection. Created in 100% cotton, this full skirt felt so soft on her skin.  Sophie wore a size 10 in this gorgeous design and loved how beautifully It fit her figure.  Her regular size 10 fit her perfectly, allowing her finger space around the waistband. Sophie can’t wait to show off this beautiful ‘Tea Rose’ design!

Tea Rose’ Wiggle Dress (10)The ‘Tea Rose’ Wiggle Dress is such a sophisticated design, showcasing Sophie’s curves in all the right places! This dress cinched beautifully around the smallest part of her waist and also skimmed Sophie’s hips perfectly. Sophie adores the eye-catching bustle on the back of the dress, perfect for the moment she strolls away. This stunning design is one of a kind, accentuating Sophie’s fabulous hourglass figure!  Sophie accessorised with a pair of Kitten D’Amour’s Back Seam Pantyhose in red, and a pair of red ‘Vixen’ heels. This design is one not to miss!  The size 10 wiggle dress was a firmer fit - just how she likes it.

‘Tea Rose’ Day Dress (8): The ‘Tea Rose’ Day Dress has a lovely vintage style to it, ensuring all eyes are on you as you pass by. A stunning wide waistband cinches you in perfectly around the waist. This design has something special about it, in the way it makes you feel once you put it on. Classic and classy, perfect for a beautiful evening. The straps on this design are wide, ensuring the classic dress sits perfectly around the bust area for ladies who are blessed with the best. Sophie sized down to a size 8 in the design as she wanted a nice firm fit around the waist but could also easily wear a size 10 – your size choice would depend on how firm you like your dress. Sophie is putting all 3 colours of this on her wish list! 

Jackie Kitten (Bust: 87cm / Waist: 74cm / Hip: 104cm / Height: 163cm)

‘Tea Rose’ Day Dress (8): The ‘Tea Rose’ Day Dress is Jackie's favourite design in this collection. The ‘Tea Rose’ Day Dress feels sublime, in a light silky/cotton fabric. The lovely, gathered fabric and cinched in waist creates the most flattering silhouette. Jackie's favourite detail is the classic red piping, which brings the dress alive!

Jackie wore her usual size 8 for a very comfortable fit around the waist and bust. 

‘Tea Rose’ Top (8): Jackie is delighted with the beautiful fit of the ‘Tea Rose’ Top!  The gathered bust, detailed red piping and velvet bow all contribute to the luxurious feel this design has.  Jackie wore a size 8 in this very fitted top – usually she’d wear a size six if it were a blouse. The ‘Tea Rose’ Top cinches in at the waist for a very flattering look. It looks fabulous styled with any of the ‘Tea Rose’ skirts and looks like a dress when worn with the ‘Tea Rose’ Full Skirt.

‘Tea Rose’ Classic Full Skirt (Red) (8): The fabric is just to die for!  It is lightweight and almost silky in texture, meaning it feels glorious and has a wonderful movement. The extra length creates a vintage feel, as does the lovely centre pleat detail. If you need a great classic skirt to add to your Kitten D’Amour collection this would be the perfect addition. Jackie wore her usual size 8 for a comfortable fit on the waist.

Tea Rose’ Full Skirt (8): The ‘Tea Rose’ print is vibrant with the perfect combination of red, blue and pink. This skirt features a row of velvet bows to one side, and in combination with the ‘Tea Rose’ Top it became the perfect outfit.

Jackie found the fit to be similar to that of the ‘Tea Rose’ Classic Full Skirt. Jackie was thrilled to discover side seam pockets!

Tea Rose Maxi Dress (8): If you’re a Kitten who loves Kitten D’Amour Maxi Dresses you will adore this one! The lace sleeve is soft and finishes the decolletage perfectly with a velvet bow at the centre. This dress secures at the back with a zip - there's no shirring in this beauty! The bodice is fitted to the waist before billowing out into a long tiered skirt. Jackie is 163cm tall and wore the ‘Jazz’ heel, finding the length to be perfect. Jackie wore her regular size 8 for the perfect fit.

Add a few ‘Ma Belle’ Fleurs in red and pink for complete summer elegance!

'Tea Rose' Playsuit (8): Jackie adored the 'Tea Rose' Playsuit, finding her usual size 8 to be perfect. While the 8 was firm on the hips, she wouldn't size up to a 10.  Jackie added the 'Beauty School' Fairy Dust Belt in red to really cinch the playsuit in at her waist, to add that va-va-voom to her curvy figure.  She loved the cheeky length, which is a little shorter than the 'French Vacation' Playsuit, and found the torso to be generous in length.  Finally, Jackie loved the red piping detail!

Jess Kitten (Bust: 83cm / Waist: 63cm / Hips: 89cm / Height: 167cm)

Tea Rose’ Wiggle Dress (6): The ‘Tea Rose’ Wiggle Dress was easy to slip into, but once secured was the perfect snug fit! This dress has a beautiful lining also, meaning this dress is as comfortable as it is beautiful.  The ‘Tea Rose’ Wiggle Dress includes spandex for stretch, making it easy to move in, allowing a little wiggle room! Jess wore the ‘Ma Belle’ Fleur in Scooter Red, and the ‘Vixen’ Heels in Red, for the perfect date night outfit.

‘Tea Rose’ Collar Dress (Print) (4): The ‘Tea Rose’ Collar Dress is perfect for any occasion. It has beautifully large pockets and a stunning lining. The waistband helped cinch Jess's waist perfectly and it was a gorgeous length. Jess Kitten accessorised with the ‘Ma Belle’ Fleur in Scooter Red, and the ‘Jazz’ Heels in Red, along with pearls, for a classic vintage look.  Jess wore her regular size 4.

‘Tea Rose’ Top (4), Tea Rose’ Classic Full Skirt (Red)(4): These designs pair perfectly! Jess adored the colours, which are beautiful and bright. Jess found that these designs were true to size. She styled her outfit with a Luxury Shirred Petticoat, the ‘Ma Belle’ Fleur in Scooter Red and the ‘Beauty School’ Fairy Dust Belt in red. Elena (Bust: 78cm / Waist: 59cm / Hips: 88cm)

 Elena Kitten (Bust: 78cm / Waist: 59cm / Hips: 88cm)

‘Tea Rose’ Frill Front Blouse (Blue) (4):  Elena was in awe with these dreamy colours! The blouse felt silky smooth on the skin and was rather roomy.  Elena recommends sizing down if you like your fit a little more snug. The fabric fell beautifully and enhanced her bust, and was easy to style. The tie top is the ‘cherry on top’ that is sure to make this your next favourite blouse!

‘Tea Rose’ Full Skirt print (4): Elena found this stunning design to be true to size! The fabric flows beautifully, while being lightweight and cool, perfect for your summery Valentine Day outfit! With all the pretty rose colours to match the blouses, you won’t be able to resist!

Tea Rose’ Top (4): Oh my, this design is ever so stunning! Elena kitten wore her usual size 4 but would recommend sizing up if you have a larger bust. The ruched bustier design is truly elegant and can easily be styled for casual days as well as dressed up evenings! The ‘Tea Rose’ Top was so flattering on the waist, and could be worn easily with any other bottom. 

Tea Rose Full Skirt (Blue)(4):  This lovely skirt is a must-have wardrobe staple! Breezy and easy to wear, the stunning fabric feels ever so beautiful! The powder blue colour is ever so dreamy! With its charming pleated front, the design is complete with hidden pockets (how convenient!). This skirt can be worn with one petticoat for a simple look, or a double petticoat for extra impact! 

Tea Rose’ Wiggle Dress (4): Elena Kitten is just dying to add this dress to her collection! With its unique red bow detail, cheongsam neckline, and oh-so pretty collar, this dress is sure to charm anyone! Elena found that this dress was a perfect fit, with a small stretch to the fabric that made it easy to strut around in this stunning design. Complete with a romantic waterfall bustle and red bow, Elena Kitten believes this dress is a must have for every Kitten! 

Brooke Kitten (Bust 101cm / Waist 86cm / Hips 104cm / Height 162cm) 

‘Tea Rose’ Top (10): Brooke found the Size 10 was better fit than her normal size 12.  She found this top to be very stretchy in the bust and beautifully fitted on the waist.  She also found this top to be very supportive.  The fabric itself is great quality and easy to wear. 

‘Tea Rose’ Full Skirt (12):  Brooke loved the fit of the size 12 in this design! The waistband was a perfect fit for Brooke’s waist, she felt it fell beautifully, after skimming over her hips.  She loved pairing the ‘Tea Rose’ Full Skirt with the ‘Tea Rose’ Top, as it gave the illusion of a dress.

‘Tea Rose’ Wiggle Dress (12):  Perfectly shaped for an hourglass figure, and with a stunning bow feature, Brooke loved the way this design elongated her figure.  Paired with the ‘Vixen’ heels, the ‘Tea Rose’ Wiggle Dress made Brooke feel incredible! 

‘Tea Rose’ Blouse (Red) (12): The ‘Tea Rose’ Blouse is such a perfect fit!  Brooke loved the sleeve, which was comfortable to wear thanks to the elasticated cuff, along with the satiny sheen of the fabric!   Brooke wore her standard size 12 in this design.

‘Tea Rose’ Classic Skirt (Black) (12): This skirt was a bit longer than Kitten D’Amour’s circle skirts normally are, and with the pleat in the middle, it allows for a fabulous dramatic effect, especially when paired with multiple petticoats.  Brooke loved how sliming this design was!  Brooke chose the size 12 but felt she could have worn the size 10 also.

Isabella Kitten (Bust – 102cm / Waist – 78cm / Hips – 108cm / Height – 157cm)

‘Tea Rose’ Maxi Dress (10):  Perfect for a garden party, wedding or date night, Isabella feels so romantic and elegant in the 'Tea Rose' Maxi Dress. Isabella wore her usual size 10 in this design. Isabella found with a nice heel, the bottom of the dress sat just at ground level.

‘Tea Rose’ Collar Dress (Black) (10): Isabella found the 'Tea Rose' Collar Dress (Black) fit her body perfectly! She wore her normal size 10 in this design. The waistband sat nice and snug, cinching in the waist. There was plenty of room for the bust, with enough coverage and movement. Isabella loves the versatility of this dress. It is a classic design, easy to wear during the day into the night. She would love it in every colour!

‘Tea Rose’ Top (12): Isabella upsized to size 12 in the 'Tea Rose' Top as she found it to be snug and fitted. There is little to no stretch in the material. Isabella loves the thick straps on this top so it completely hides bra straps. This top will be perfect to mix and match! 

‘Tea Rose’ Classic Full Skirt (Red) (10):  Isabella wore her usual size 10 in the 'Tea Rose' Classic Full Skirt. This design features a unique front, centre pleat, differentiating it from other Kitten D'Amour full skirts. Isabella wore a petticoat with this design, however it looks gorgeous with and without...and there are pockets! 

Shayla Kitten (Bust - 84 cm / Waist - 61 cm / Hip 81 cm / Height: 168cm)

‘Tea Rose’ Frill Front Blouse (Black) (size 4):  This dreamy blouse is perfectly true to size! The fit isn’t as snug as some of blouses from past collections due to its silky material but it’s the perfect one to tuck in for a more relaxed look. Shayla Kittens suggests that if the ‘Florentine’ Frill Front Blouse is a favourite in your kitten rotations, you’ll find this one just as comfortable!

‘Tea Rose’ Classic Full Skirt (Black) (size 4): This skirt runs the tiniest bit larger, Shayla found. If you prefer a more snug fit, you may wish to size down. This skirt may be high-waisted but she still has some length! The ‘Tea Rose’ Classic Full Skirt is a little longer than your typical full skirt. At 5’6 tall, it sat around 5cm below Shayla’s knee.

‘Tea Rose’ Classic Dress (Blue) (4): The ‘Tea Rose’ Classic Dress was true to size! There’s no need to size up or down with this gorgeous design. The fabric has a bit of stretch around the waist and the ruching around the bust allows for a little bit of extra room up top if you’re a larger-busted beauty.

‘Tea Rose’ Wiggle Dress (4): Shayla found the ‘Tea Rose’ Wiggle Dress to be as true to size as a wiggle can be. This design has a bit of stretch to it and a hidden vent in the bustle so movement is no issue with this beauty!


Tammy Kitten (Bust - 86 cm / Waist - 64 cm / Hip 91 cm / Height: 161cm)

Tea Rose Scarf Blouse Size (4): Tammy wears a size 4 in this design. Tammy just loves how the ruffles fall on the neckline and adores the pussy bow tie which gives it that beautiful vintage styling.  The ruched capped sleeves with and pretty matching buttons are an added feature Tammy adores!

‘Tea Rose’ Wiggle Skirt (Red) (6): Tammy is wearing a size 6 in this stunning wiggle skirt and adores this shade of red.  This skirt is a classic cut and with that ‘Tea Rose’ lining, what's not to love!  A beautiful stretch allows for a comfortable fit, and the double bustle adds that wow factor she loves!

‘Tea Rose’ Frill Front Blouse (Pink) (4): Tammy is wearing a size 4 as she found this pretty blouse to be a little generous. She suggests sizing down if you are in between sizes.  The double layered frill at the front, and the peekaboo are so feminine!  The ruched sleeve is comfortable and not too tight, and for those Kittens that love a sleeve, this blouse will be a staple.  There are so many colours to choose from!

Tea Rose Maxi Skirt Size (6): Tammy wears a size 6 in the beautiful 'Tea Rose' Maxi Skirt.  She found the fit to be perfect, opting for her usual size.  This maxi skirt is so very flattering with the way the classic A-Line shape flows to the ankle. The cotton is light and perfect for our hot summer days and nights.

‘Tea Rose’ Tulle Sleeve Top (Blue)(6): The delicate tulle is so very pretty and the cotton bodice is so soft and stretchy. Tammy loves how beautifully this top pairs with all the pretty designs from ‘’Tea Rose’!  Tammy can’t wait to team this top with all her high waisted Kitten D'Amour jeans!

'Tea Rose' Wiggle Skirt Print Size (6): Tammy wears her usual size 6 in this divine wiggle skirt, which is so beautifully cut. This design really hugs your curves and that double bustle with lace and velvet trim is a knockout! It has a little stretch so very comfortable to wear and gives that perfect fit we love.  The ‘Tea Rose’ design is so feminine and beautiful, and the roses on the soft baby blue base is a match made in heaven!


  • Megan K

    The maxi skirt is definitely a favourite!

  • Suzy Macdonald

    I love the Tea Rose Collection I have the Wiggle Dress, the Playsuit, and the gorgeous Red Tea Rose shoes. The colours are stunning and the collection always draws compliments. Whether it’s a day at the office, a high tea, or a Pink concert this go to has done the trick 😍

  • Jade

    I purchased tea rose and just fell in love with this gorgeous print 🤩
    I bought the wiggle dress, playsuit and maxi dress, I just couldn’t get enough of this collection

  • Megan

    I just love this collection! Every price is so lovely and flirty and feminine. On my wish list!

  • Samantha P

    Absolutely adore this Tea Rose collection one of my absolute favourite collections. So romantic & stunning I feel like a princess in my gorgeous Collar dress! 😍 Love, love,love!!

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