Valentine's Day Outfit Inspiration!

It's nearly Valentine’s Day, Kittens!  And as the big day approaches, what better time to envision all the beautiful vintage inspired outfits you could wear for the different ways your day might unfold?

Whether it's a fancy dinner date, a romantic picnic in the park, cocktails with your besties, or some quality "you" time, Kitten D’Amour has your Valentine's Day outfit inspiration covered. Picture this: the ‘Heiress’ Corset and 'Heiress' Wiggle Skirt, paired with ‘Vixen’ heels for your dinner date, or the ‘Tea Rose’ Frill Front Blouse in Pale Pink, the 'Le Jardin' Full Skirt and the new ‘D’Amour’ Parasol for your picnic. And for cocktails with your girls? A classic dress in black, such as the 'Tea Rose' Collar Dress, or the 'Moonlight Cocktail' Dress is just perfect! As for your solo time, it's all about feeling pampered and glamorous – a pair of Kitten D'Amour's Kitty Knickers will have you feeling like a queen! No matter the plan, you’ll be dressed to impress and soak up all the love, whether it's with someone special or just with yourself!

Bring on the fun and vintage fashion – Valentine's Day, here we come!

We allocated Scarlett, Mandie, Tash and Sophie Kittens with an event, and here’s their top pick for the occasion!

Scarlett Kitten – A Fancy Dinner Date: Scarlett didn’t need to think twice – she made a beeline for the ‘Heiress’ Wiggle Dress!  Paired with the Vixen Heels, ‘La Traviata’ Pearls and a black ‘Ma Belle Fleur’, Scarlett felt this was the perfect pin-up inspired ensemble for a sophisticated restaurant.

Mandie Kitten – Romantic Picnic in the Park: Mandie fell in love with the ‘Tea Rose’ Day Dress and couldn’t resist carrying the oh-so-pretty ‘D’Amour Parasol’, for that dreamy vintage touch.  Mandie added the 'Carmen' Short Pearl Necklace, the 'Twin Rose' Hair Clip (Red) and a pair of 'Vixen' heels in Red to complete her vintage inspired look!

Tash Kitten – Cocktails with the Girls: Sometimes the people you most want to spend Valentine’s Day with are your best friends! Tash opted for the fabulous ‘Heiress’ Classic Bow Dress, loving this sophisticated vintage design for the occasion.  'Vixen' Shoes in black, a 'Beauty School Fairy Dust' Belt and 'Twin Rose' Hair Clip, both in Red and a bright red lip were the perfect accompaniments to her vintage classic inspired outfit!

Sophie Kitten – A Self-Care Pampering Session: When all you long for is a blissful bubble bath, a glass of wine and a good book, the ‘Miss Strawberry Pageant’ Kitty Knickers and 'D'Amour Follies Madam Ruffle' Singlet in strawberry red are everything you need to feel pretty and comfortable!  Sophie tied her hair back in a ‘Miss Strawberry Pageant’ Scarf and popped on a pair of ‘D’Amour’ Ankle Socks, ready to curl up on her velvet settee with her box of chocolates and her book!

Happy Valentine's Day, Kittens! xx


  • iona

    Omg these are so cute!!!

  • Ellyce

    Feeling the love

  • Yvette

    Kitten red dress for Valentine’s as well as Christmas day. Red’s a wonderful colour. String red for cool fine skin warm for warm tones. Just lovely!

  • Cam

    Great choices. All so pretty!

  • Lisa L

    If I had a valentine, my pick would definitely be the Scarlett kittens whole ensemble, alas kitten was my valentine this year with the sweet card.. so Sophie kitten wins, self love is so important, and kitty knickers are the perfect way to dress up for a night in with a good face mask!

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