Vintage Style Hats and How To Wear Them!

“A hat is a flag, a shield, a bit of armour, and the badge of femininity. A hat is the difference between wearing clothing and wearing a costume; it’s the difference between being dressed and being dressed up; it’s the difference between looking adequate and looking your best. A hat is to be stylish in, to glow under, to flirt beneath, to make all others seem jealous over, and to make all men feel masculine about. A piece of magic is a hat.”
 -Martha Sliter

Step into the whimsical world of vintage style hats, where a charming beret or a fabulous fascinator can shout volumes about your personality without the need for a single word. Crafted from an eclectic mix of materials, in sizes and shapes that defy the ordinary, the realm of vintage style hats and millinery is a vast playground teeming with charm, sophistication, and a dash of whimsy. Forget reserving hats for the Royals and the Races – these days, they're everyone's ticket to sartorial fun! 

Picture the early 1900s, when donning a hat wasn't just a fashion choice for ladies; it was practically a rule. Leaving home without a hat was as taboo as strolling out barefoot – simply unheard of! With extravagant hairstyles ruling the era, the art of perching a hat atop intricate coiffures made hat pins indispensable. But these weren't just tools for securing hats; they doubled up as a lady's secret weapon, adding a dash of self-defence flair.

The Marvelous Mrs Maisel

If you’re looking to incorporate more vintage hats in your wardrobe, why not draw inspiration from classic cinema? Watch Faye Dunaway wear a beret with aplomb in "Bonnie & Clyde" or be awestruck by Julie Christie's glam Russian fur hats in "Doctor Zhivago." Movies with Audrey Hepburn or Grace Kelly are like treasure troves of hat-spiration. On the small screen, dive into the fabulous world of aspiring middle-class glam in "I Love Lucy." "Mad Men" and "The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel" will teach you that hats were de rigueur in the mid-20th century. "Downton Abbey" takes you on a time-traveling adventure through hat history from the 1910s and 1920s, and for a dash of '30s flair, check out Agatha Christie's "Poirot" series. Hats off to your future vintage chic! 🎩✨

The Marvelous Mrs Maisel

As the weather brings forth delightful sunshine, consider incorporating a few vintage-inspired sun hats into your wardrobe. Beyond aesthetics, sun hats serve various practical purposes. During the summer, the desire for a hat can transform into a necessity, especially in regions where the sun's powerful rays are intense. Vintage-inspired sun hats provide excellent protection, shielding both the skin and eyes from the potent light while making a stylish statement. 

What sets many of these hats apart, you ask? Well, it's the dazzling decorations stealing the spotlight during this era. Imagine faux silk flowers in abundance, beads that could rival a treasure trove, and bows and feathers wired for whimsy – these were the must-have accessories of the time. So, whether you're securing a fascinator or shading yourself with a wide-brimmed sun hat, it's not just an accessory; it's an expression, a celebration of an era where fashion was as bold and playful as the hats that crowned it.  Now, picture sprucing up your 'Riviera' or 'Sardinia' Hat with one of Kitten D’Amour’s charming scarves, like the 'Verona' Square Neck Scarf! Add in some delightful flowers, perhaps the 'Ma Belle Fleur' in a colour to complement your outfit and behold! Your Kitten D’Amour ensemble has found its quintessential vintage hat companion!

Unlock the true magic by giving your hat a sassy tilt – it's the key to that fabulous 'Oo-la-la' vibe!"


How will I wear my hair?
If you're a fan of wearing vintage hats, it's all about making sure that your chosen hat complements your hairstyle. Just as hat trends evolved through the years, so did hairstyles. Back in the 40s, during the reign of victory rolls, those adorable "doll" hats were stylishly tipped to the front or side to enhance the overall look. Generally, hats tend to work their magic best with elegant up-dos.  To ensure you're radiating maximum charm, pick a hairstyle that's just as fabulous under your new hat as it is without it. The tilted brim of a vintage-style sun hat demands a hairstyle that looks fabulous from all angles. Aim for that delightful harmony between hats and hair—hats perched stylishly and worn with a forward flair, paired with hair that's a tad longer, slightly fuller, and, above all, effortlessly chic—easy to maintain and a breeze to wear.

How will it stay in place?
When you first pop a vintage-style hat on your head, you may have grappled with the challenge of feeling like it doesn't truly "fit", as they often appear to slip off with the slightest movement.  However, this was a common predicament! Many vintage hats are designed to rest on top of the head at a tilted angle, requiring additional measures to keep them securely in place. Since there's no magic trick to make them stay put, here are a variety of techniques we've gathered to ensure they remain firmly in place, even when faced with windy conditions and swirling skirts!

Hat Ribbons
Your Kitten D'Amour Hat has ribbons affixed to each side. An option as convenient as it is pretty, ribbons are a versatile choice. These ribbons can be tied several ways - behind your hair at the nape, wrapped around your neck and tied at the back, or in a jaunty bow to the side of your face!

Bobby Pins
Bobby pins can come in handy! Slide two pins—one on each side—into the inner hat band and press them down on your head for a quick fix.  Or simply use them to hold the hat ribbons securely in your hair!

Hat Pins
A vintage favourite, hat pins, embody tradition and have stood the test of time. They not only serve a practical purpose but also contribute a touch of decorative flair. You can acquire them from vintage stores, ETSY, or, if you're fortunate, stumble upon one while thrifting.

Hair Comb
If you're a Kitten handy with a needle, you could hand-stitch hair combs onto your hat prior to wearing them. When it's time to don the hat, reinforce its staying power by adding a hat pin for extra security.    



  • Janet

    Love your styling tips.
    Would love some hair styling tips to go with the hats and fascinators too please

  • Elisa

    I’ve always looked at your hats and wanted to try them but never sure how to wear them… these ideas might mean I finally do!

  • Jessica Crouch

    Thanks for sharing these handy tips Kitten D’Amour! I aspire to be braver in my styling attempts and add more hats to my wardrobe to match my beautiful Kitten D’Amour designs! The lovely kittens in all the boutiques and online always wear them so well! ❤️

  • Tracey

    I love a little hat to finish off an outfit!


    I just love wearing hats and flowers, I have quite a few

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