Lovey Dovey Scarf - Kitten D'Amour
Lovey Dovey Scarf - Kitten D'Amour

Lovey Dovey 围巾

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Do remember that our Online Kittens are always available to assist via email at or via phone (07) 3245 1122, should you have any sizing queries! 
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用这款华丽的配套围巾完成您的“Lovey Dovey”系列!

采用我们限量版的“Lovey Dovey”爱心印花面料设计,边缘饰有美丽的玫瑰红色饰边,包裹在柔软的粉红色“Je Taime”外层中,并在每个角上饰有我们的“Lovey Dovey”鸽子图案。

这条华丽的围巾由“雪纺乔其纱”制成,这是一种 100% 涤纶面料,带有纹理饰面,可牢牢抓住您选择的任何风格!



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